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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

What is a learning video?

Picture a dedicated mentor, always available at the click of a button, adept at breaking down complex concepts into digestible insights. This is the essence of a learning video in the business realm. Learning videos navigate professionals through the multifaceted landscape of industry knowledge, fostering skills, and illuminating concepts. They are like digital tutors, employing visual aids, explanations, and real-world examples to cater to diverse learning needs and styles, making the acquisition of knowledge not just accessible, but also engaging and effective.

In an era where time is at a premium and attention spans are fleeting, learning videos stand as pillars of educational innovation, transforming mundane training sessions into interactive learning experiences. They are the bridges connecting theory to practice, fostering an environment where learning is not just passive consumption but an active, immersive journey.

How are businesses using learning videos?

Learning videos for customers

Learning videos offer customers an accessible way to understand products or services better through the comfort of a digital device. For example, a SaaS company might use learning videos to demonstrate how to use its software, enabling customers to leverage the full range of functionalities and features. This not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty but also reduces the burden on customer service teams, as well-informed customers tend to have fewer queries and issues.

Process education

Learning videos make an ideal medium to educate teams on business and operational procedures. Through learning videos, employees can grasp procedural steps in an interactive way. Consider, for instance, a concise video detailing how to respond to a Tsunami warning. Videos can also contribute greatly to explaining intricate business workflows. Tasks expected of teams, like product engineering or testing, can be efficiently communicated through video instruction.

Compliance Training

Businesses often need to adhere to regulations set by governing bodies and providing thorough training on these standards is necessary to avoid breaches. Learning videos offer a compelling avenue for compliance training. For instance, airline Virgin America leverages learning videos to lay out the airline’s safety protocols during flights. Furthermore, learning videos is an easier way to effectively approach sensitive compliance topics, like preventing sexual harassment.

Sales Training

Learning videos serve as an optimal medium for training sales teams on product knowledge. Brief, animated clips can simplify the intricacies of sophisticated B2B products in an appealing manner. For addressing customer objections, micro-learning videos, usually under 5 minutes, prove instrumental. One way of taking advantage of learning videos is by taking real-life scenarios as a way of spotlighting a unique customer concern and how the sales representatives respond. This exercise is particularly useful when preparing new sales hires on managing customer reservations. 

Learning Videos with Hour One 

Stepping onto the digital education stage, Hour One is changing the game, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to educate their customers and employees. Imagine turning those regular PowerPoint slides and mundane educational materials into something people will remember. With a choice of over 100 virtual presenters and a broad range of languages and accents to choose from, your content comes to life, connecting and engaging people from all corners of the world, overcoming language and geographical barriers with ease. 

You have the flexibility to go for professional templates or tweak them to match your brand’s vibe, ensuring a consistent and harmonious learning experience across all your videos. In a world where every minute counts, Hour One is all about efficiency. Its AI video creator is a budget-friendly, time-saving solution that lets organizations concentrate and collaborate on delivering high-quality and memorable content. And the best part? Updating and editing is a breeze, keeping your learning materials fresh and in tune with ever-evolving educational material.

Try out Hour One and see how it transforms education into something truly unforgettable. Reach out to our team or sign up for a free trial to explore a world filled with endless learning possibilities!

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