Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

AI Training Video GEnerator

Create High-Quality Training Videos in Minutes

Produce engaging training videos by transforming your text into stunning videos effortlessly with AI avatars in a few clicks

No credit card needed

Streamline, scale, synergize, succeed

Struggling to create enough quality tutorial videos to meet your enterprise’s needs?

Optimize your video creation and team collaboration with a platform that integrates with any LMS.

It’s time to create better videos, faster and to scale.

The easiest-to-use AI Video Platform

Trusted by Learning & Development teams scaling and updating their training video content easily

No design or editing skills? No problem

Hour One is a plug and play platform, so even with no editing or design skills you can produce professional quality videos.

Your video, flawlessly created. We provide pre-designed templates. No matter what you create, it’ll be professional and captivating.

Stop the snoring and start WOWing

Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message, only 10% from text alone.


Elevate your training materials by breathing life into text-heavy presentations, and tailor company communications for an unforgettable impact.

Revolutionize your approach and WOW your audience.

Integration with any LMS in 5 minutes

Streamline your video creation process and maximize your efficiency, by integrating your Hour One videos into the systems you already work with.

Cost & time saving, all in professional-quality

Save up to 90% of your time and 95% of your budget using Hour One Reals.

Faster rendering times, effortless branding, and instant translations in a single click. You only need to write one script, add your brand kit, hit one button and watch your video come to life, in multiple languages at once.

Our customers say

Enhance your learning content with designed video templates


Define your objectives and target audience. Outline your content to cover key points effectively. Then go to Hour One
1. Select your avatar and template.
2. Customize your content to your brand.
3. Render, export, send.

Hour One offers AI video training solutions that are designed to be cost-effective, with options to suit different budgets.
Check out our pricing options here.

Please contact us for detailed pricing information and to learn more about our AI video training generator’s capabilities.

To create engaging training videos, focus on delivering content in an interesting and accessible way. Tailor the content to your audience’s needs and preferences, and keep the tone friendly and encouraging to maintain viewer interest.

Choosing the right template depends on your training objectives, the complexity of the topic, and your audience’s learning preferences. Experiment with different formats to find what works best for your needs. You can find our most popular training templates here.

For effective employee training videos, focus on relevance and practicality. Break down information into digestible segments, and use real-life examples to illustrate concepts. Engage employees with interactive elements, and encourage feedback to continuously improve your training content. For more insights, visit our blog on creating employee training videos.

A comprehensive training video should include an introduction to the topic, clear learning objectives, the main instructional content, practical examples, and a summary of key points. Including quizzes or assessments can also help reinforce learning.

The ideal length for a training video depends on the complexity of the subject matter and the audience’s attention span. Generally, shorter videos (2-10 minutes) are more effective for keeping viewers engaged and can be particularly useful for covering specific topics. For more complex subjects, consider breaking the content into multiple shorter segments.

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