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Why use AI Video Translator

Cut costs and time
AI video translation offers a quick and affordable alternative to conventional services, ensuring quality without breaking the bank.
Go global
Effortlessly reach audiences in different languages with diverse cultural backgrounds and enter new global markets faster
Make yourself understood
Guarantee that your message comes across clearly by offering your video content in the viewers’ native language.
Boost engagement
Connect with your global audience or staff and increase views, clicks and shares from non-native speakers.

Effortlessly Convert Audio to Different Languages

convert the audio from its original language and provide a new narration in your chosen language almost instantly.

Translate Titles Automatically

Translate any text appearing on the screen, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the spoken narration.

Incorporate Subtitles in Various Languages

Translate subtitles to your preferred language, download them or embed them into your video.

Translate any video in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Select video
Sign up for Hour One, select an existing video or create a new one.
Step 2
Choose language
Click the translation icon, pick the desired language(s) from the menu.
Step 3
Hit translate
A translated version of your entire video will appear as a new draft.

Why you should use Hour One to translate your videos

Translate all video elements instantly
Achieve a complete translation of your entire video content – audio, subtitles, and on-screen elements – into one or more languages in seconds.
Create accurate language versions
Ensure precise and reliable translations with Hour One’s powerful video translation tool. Deliver authentic language versions to your global audiences.
Personalize with built-in AI narration
Add personality with Hour One’s built-in AI avatars. Give your videos a human touch to enhance engagement and relatability with one click.
Optimize with integrated editing tools
Elevate your content with the integrated video editing tools of Hour One – your one-stop solution for professional, multilingual video content.
Add localized subtitles by choice
Select a language for subtitles only. With Hour One you can add localized subtitles, switch the language later, and download the files.
Multiple, accurate language versions
Scale your video production, and create multiple videos in multiple languages to reach your global audience.


How can I translate a video into English and other languages?

You can translate any video in just a few clicks. In the video editor, pick the video you wish to translate, click the translation icon at the top bar and pick the desired language from the dropdown selection. That’s it, the software does the rest. You receive a new video with all video elements translated into the target language in addition to the original video.

How many languages does the Translate Draft feature support?

With Hour One, you can currently translate your video into 11 languages. Here’s the list:
– English
– Spanish
– French
– Chinese
– German
– Russian
– Japanese
– Portuguese
– Hindi
– Arabic
– Hebrew
We keep adding more languages, so stay tuned for more.

How can I translate and download my video?

After you’ve created your video, simply select the target language(s), and click on ‘Translate’. Once the translation is complete, you can easily download or stream the video online. You also have the option to download the translated subtitles in a separate WebVTT, and SubRip (.srt) formats. It also works for existing videos that you want to translate.

Can I translate an audio file?

Currently, Hour One does not support translations of audio files. We offer video creation and translation, including built-in AI narrators and advanced video editing tools.

Can I download my translated videos?

Can I download my translated videos?
Yes, of course, you can download or stream your newly translated video just like any other video you create with Hour One

What is a video language translator?

A video language translator is a tool empowering creators to effortlessly translate videos into multiple languages using AI. Whether you prefer subtitles, dubbed voiceovers, or both, this tool delivers in a snap. This language wizard is part of Hour One’s all-in-one video creator and you can find it right inside the editing toolkit. The integrated AI video translator translates the original transcript. You receive a fully translated new video draft in the desired language, including written texts and subtitles.

How does online video translation work?

First, the original video’s text elements and narration copy get automatically turned into a text script. Then, AI steps in to translate it into any language you selected. Finally, you can decide to add subtitles, go for a dubbed voiceover, or both.

Can I translate my video’s subtitles and download them?

Yes, with a simple click you can translate your subtitles into eight different lanfguages.
Once the translation is complete, you have the flexibility to download the translated subtitles in both WebVTT (.vtt) and SubRip (.srt) file formats. You can find the options under the Expanded Download Options.
The supported languages are:

Can I Google Translate from a video?

No, Google Translate doesn’t directly translate spoken language from a video. There’s a workaround, but it’s a bit clunky: Use YouTube’s automatic transcription service to transcribe the spoken words into text, pop the text into Google Translate, and if needed, convert the translated text into an audio file with a text-to-speech tool.

What types of videos can I translate in Hour One?

Hour One is perfect for any type of video translation. You can use the AI video translator for training and educational videos, explainer and instructional videos, promotional videos, onboarding videos, internal communication, you name it. When done, simply upload the new video to YouTube, and that’s a wrap!

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