Personalize your HR messaging at scale

Use human avatars to make employee communications more effective, and establish a rock-solid company brand through the creation of engaging video content.

Instantly turn your text into high-quality videos narrated by a virtual human, for any need and in any language — more than 60 voice options available!

Personalize your HR messaging at scale

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The videos you'll see below were entirely created with Hour One.
Without cameras, actors, microphones, Camtasia, or Premiere Pro.

Videos that speak directly to potential hires

Attract prospective hires and partners with tailored, AI-powered content that addresses them directly.

Smoother employee onboarding

Use Hour One’s AI-powered human avatars to create personalized training videos for employee onboarding that’s frictionless and fun.

Personable internal messaging

Communicate to your staff more effectively with internal video announcements in 30+ languages, tailored down to the employee level.

Put your brand in front of others

Effortlessly create branded, professional video content for your company to share wherever your audience is.

Why AI videos are best for human resources

Save time and resources

Let virtual avatars handle routine tasks like benefits enrollment, policy questions, and employee inquiries. Free up valuable HR time and resources for strategic initiatives, like improving employee engagement and retention.

Enhance employee experience

Provide personalized onboarding and training experiences, improving employee satisfaction and retention rates. Leave a lasting impression on new hires, setting the tone for a positive working relationship from the get-go.

Stay ahead of the curve

Attract and retain top talent and strengthen your company’s reputation as a forward-thinking organization by incorporating AI into your communication strategy. Personalize your internal messaging to match your tone of voice and business culture. 

Keep everyone on the ball

Global workforce? Communicate better with content across multiple languages and dialects, leading to stronger company culture and better employee engagement. Simplify your messaging and drive business success by ensuring that all team members are marching to the beat of the same drum.

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Don’t just take our word for it

See what our clients are saying about Hour One:


Arthur Leopold Chief Business Officer, Cameo

We’ve always believed in the ability to make impossible fan connections possible. Now, in partnership with Universal, DreamWorks and Hour One, we’re enabling fans to connect directly with an AI-powered animated character for the first time ever to bring joy and humor into their lives…


Abhijay Prakash President, NBC Universal

This creative collaboration between Universal, DreamWorks Animation, Cameo and Hour One uniquely bridges together innovation, technology and DreamWorks prized franchise character, The Boss Baby, to deliver a standout, first-of-its-kind interactive fan opportunity….


Curt Uehlein CEO, Berlitz

Berlitz has built our methodology and brand on delivering the best outcomes for students serious about fluency, which requires a very human centric experience. Our digital experiences had to replicate the classroom experience…


David Fritch Founder, Visionary Wealth Creation

I have been a one-person shop for the last three decades, so my most valuable asset is time. With Hour One, I can scale myself and save time and money in a way that enables me to grow my business like never before.

DeFiance Media – horizontal - transparent-100-logo

Marc Scarpa Founder & CEO, DeFiance Media

As a 24-hour global broadcast news company, we opted to use virtual anchors to deliver DeFiance Daily every two hours which eliminated the time and cost of traditional production. With Hour One’s AI avatar technology we’re able to generate premium video from text, automatically and affordably, allowing us to keep pace with our audiences need for rapid reporting. Now with our custom anchors and a personalized 3D studio environment, we can deliver even more content, all within the platform.


Mike Yoder CEO, Wintech / Alice Receptionist

We were looking for a more efficient and flexible way to produce content at scale, without losing the life-like qualities of a real human subject, which is critical to customer experience standards. By replacing traditional video production with HourOne’s technology, we could translate the same content into multiple languages, seamlessly, using the same receptionist personas, and offer a more smooth and agile product, and serve customers better in different markets.


Malte Krotki Director Business Development, NetPoint Media

Media and news companies have a huge demand for premium video, especially as they venture beyond broadcast into online channels which demand higher volumes and frequently updated video content. Hour One’s AI technology has helped some of Germany’s largest media companies, including ProSieben`s sports channel ran, to deliver a new Sports News product, at the required speed and scale.


Dave Murray President, TheSafeSteps

Hour One’s solution will literally save us hundreds of hours versus traditional video production. As we scale we have to build content for our courses at a rapid pace to compete with major players in the learning space.