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Personalize your HR messaging at scale

Use human avatars to make employee communications more effective, and establish a rock-solid company brand through the creation of engaging video content.

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Human Resources Videos

See examples of corporate messaging videos you can create in minutes

Videos that speak directly to potential hires

Attract prospective hires and partners with tailored, AI-powered content that addresses them directly.

Smoother employee onboarding

Use Hour One’s AI-powered human avatars to create personalized training videos for employee onboarding that’s frictionless and fun.

Personable internal messaging

Communicate to your staff more effectively with internal video announcements in 30+ languages, tailored down to the employee level

Put your brand in front of others

Effortlessly create branded, professional video content for your company to share wherever your audience is.

Why AI videos are best for human resources

Save time and resources

Let virtual avatars handle routine tasks like benefits enrollment, policy questions, and employee inquiries. Free up valuable HR time and resources for strategic initiatives, like improving employee engagement and retention.

Enhance employee experience

Provide personalized onboarding and training experiences, improving employee satisfaction and retention rates. Leave a lasting impression on new hires, setting the tone for a positive working relationship from the get-go.

Stay ahead of the curve

Attract and retain top talent and strengthen your company’s reputation as a forward-thinking organization by incorporating AI into your communication strategy. Personalize your internal messaging to match your tone of voice and business culture. 

Keep everyone on the ball

Global workforce? Communicate better with content across multiple languages and dialects, leading to stronger company culture and better employee engagement. Simplify your messaging and drive business success by ensuring that all team members are marching to the beat of the same drum.

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