Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

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Custom AI Video Templates

Customize With Precision:
Tailored AI Video Templates

If you can dream it, we’ll create it!

From initial concept to final cut, watch as your unique video vision becomes a reality with our AI-driven templates. Your Vision, Executed Flawlessly by Our Team.

For Design-Professionals

Design your way, Continue working with your favorite design tools; we’ll bring your designs to life in stunning video formats.

For Non-Design Professionals

Leave it to our design experts to transform your brand guidelines into captivating video narratives with cinematic quality.

Exclusive Benefits of Hour One Templates

Streamlined Creation

Say goodbye to complex procedures. Our templates simplify video production.

Unique Brand Identity

Stand out with videos that reflect your brand’s unique personality and ethos.

Consistency Across Channels

Maintain brand consistency effortlessly across all media touchpoints.


Produce multiple videos efficiently using our customizable templates.

Pre-Made Templates Library

Not sure you need the full customization? No problem! Explore our diverse library, featuring templates designed for a variety of use cases: from introductions to detailed product showcases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video template?

Templates refer to pre-made use cases available within Hour One and have their own unique bank of layouts. They come with media already in the scenes, making it quick and easy to create videos. Instead of creating a video from scratch, now you can simply click on a template you like and edit its contents. Read more here.

What is a custom template?

A custom template is a meticulously crafted design framework, in cooperation with our design experts, that serves as the foundation for your various video creation needs. These videos can range from training and HR, to e-commerce and marketing.
The custom template enables you to create your own unique layouts that don’t exist in the platform. In addition, amazing visuals can be added like cinematic output, seamless transitions, 3D elements, and more! What sets custom templates apart is their ability to be personalized to reflect a brand’s unique characteristics with only a few clicks. Read more here.

How do you pick a template to a video?

Click on ‘Templates’ in the left-hand menu or ‘New Video’ within the Hour One Dashboard to access the templates library. Here, you can choose from a growing selection of professionally designed, easy-to-use customizable templates.

How do I customize a video template?

Our dedicated design experts will carefully customize the template to seamlessly align with your brand and vision. If you’re interested in having your very own custom template, schedule a call! Check out our article “Custom Templates” to learn more about how Hour One offers unique and fully customized templates for those who need a more personalized touch.

Can I edit a premade template?

All of the editable elements of the video — presenter selection, voice selection, scenes, script, media, colors, etc. — are already prefilled, and require only minimal modifications to be made in order to personalize its contents. Templates greatly simplify the creation process and help you produce a great-looking video. No need to create one from scratch!

How long will it take to get a fully customized template?

The process of creating your custom template involves a detailed exploration of the brand’s attributes, such as color schemes, typography preferences, logo usage guidelines, and overall design style. You can even design your own layouts that aren’t currently offered within the platform! Armed with these insights and taking on the heavy lifting of design, Hour One’s dedicated design experts then modify the template to seamlessly encapsulate your brand’s essence.
You can choose between a 2D template or a 3D template (virtual room) can be done at an additional fee. Both have up to 20 layouts! 

The process takes up to 21 days. Read more about the process here.

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