Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Customer Success

Create Customer Success Videos For Improved User Experience and Customer Engagement

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Engaging Onboarding and FAQ videos, Delivering Tailored Learning Experiences

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The Quickest and Most Reliable Customer Success Video Solution

Actively Address Customer Inquiries and Challenges with Tailored and Straightforward Knowledge Base Videos

Ranked 4.5/5, G2 recognizes Hour One as one of the top new products in the AI market

Virtual AI Avatars

Enhance Engagement with Tutorial and Onboarding Videos Videos as Varied as your Customer’s Attention Spans

Craft impactful Customer Success videos featuring over 100 realistic ‘customer support’ avatars, using intuitive text-to-video technology. Address your customers’ inquiries in a variety of languages, accents, and representing different ethnic backgrounds, ensuring greater global customer satisfaction and engagement.

Customzied Branded Templates

Create a Consistent and Professional Brand Image with Customer Success Videos that Align with Your Brand Identity

Build customer success videos that boost your brand’s trustworthiness by incorporating your company logo and assets, which can be preserved and utilized for every product feature or onboarding video.

Streamlined Video Editing

Respond Quickly to Customer Obstacles by Providing Swift Responses

Achieve a competitive advantage by swiftly addressing customer inquiries, effortlessly modifying your script, and smoothly updating your content, leading to quicker resolutions and enhanced customer satisfaction levels.

Transform Your 'How-To' and Tutorial PowerPoint Presentations into Captivating Customer Success Videos Using User-Friendly Branded Templates and Over 120 Virtual Avatars, Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

Customer Serivce Teams are Using AI
Customer Success Videos to:

Create virtual assistants that answer questions and give personalized recommendations, making the customer service experience smoother and more efficient. This leads to happier customers, as they get the help they need without delays or misunderstandings.

Offer personalized and engaging customer experiences, offering 24/7 interaction and streamlining operations. This significantly reduces the need for human customer service representatives, cutting costs while maintaining a human touch.

Produce content in multiple languages and include features like subtitles making customer service more accessible and inclusive for a diverse and global customer base.

Create engaging onboarding videos that guide customers through the setup or use of a product or service, ensuring they have a smooth start and reducing the likelihood of future service inquiries.

Offer engaging FAQ videos that deliver straightforward and succinct responses to customer inquiries. Utilizing GPT-powered script assistance tools, businesses can provide easily understood answers to complicated questions. 

Get Enterprise-Grade Scalability, Security, 
and Support
ISO 27001
SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001, SOC2 Compliant

Compliant with security controls that execute processes, policies and technologies to safeguard your company’s most sensitive information.

Secured Cloud Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art cinematic 3D video pipeline is running on the industry’s leading cloud providers, ensuring unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability.

Community Safeguarding

We implement strict guidelines and monitor against suspicious activity to ensure the health of our community.

Dedicated Success Team

Enjoy 24/7 support along with your own dedicated customer success manager and design expert.

Enterprise-level Scalability

We scale to meet your team’s video creation needs, and provide administration features and advanced security. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Get fast and secure sign-on across your entire company. 


Hour One has a programmable video creation service that allows you to generate personalized videos at scale. Use a REST API as request and response payload format, and integrate our service into any technology stack.


Hour One has a programmable video creation service that allows you to generate personalized videos at scale. Use a REST API as request and response payload format, and integrate our service into any technology stack.

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Deliver Answers Before Questions are Even Asked with Customer Success Videos.

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