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Explainer Video Maker: How AI Transforms Video Creation

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Introducing a new idea to a group of people can be an extremely difficult task, and doing it right demands patience, creativity, and extensive knowledge. Presenting the concept clearly and concisely is not easy, and with people’s short attention spans and busy calendars, finding a way to make it memorable and engaging is an even bigger challenge. 

Explainer videos have become a go-to tool for anyone who wants to share an idea in a captivating and precise way. Think of them as the modern-day elevator pitch but with visuals. With AI video makers among us, gone are the days when creating an engaging video drains your resources and requires hiring an entire production team.

 Today, AI enables efficiency, personalization, and ensuring the message is on point every time. As the digital landscape evolves and with AI on the scene, it’s easier than ever to create an explainer video that sends a clear idea of your message to your audience.

In this article, we will take a look at the ins and outs of AI explainer video makers and all the wonderful ways your business and teams can significantly benefit from them.

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What is an Explainer Video?

It’s short, it’s fun, it’s catchy, but above all, when done right, it will make your audience connect with your brand on a much deeper level. In fact, today, it is considered one of the most vital and important tools in video marketing. Explainer videos are designed to be straightforward and concise, often lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, effectively boiling down complex ideas into digestible content for viewers.

But before you get ahead of your game, there are some key characteristics that you need to keep mind when brainstorming your next explainer video: 

  • Simplicity: At their core, explainer videos aim to simplify. They break down intricate topics or processes into understandable segments, avoiding jargon and complexity.
  • Engaging Narration: These videos often use a voiceover narration that guides viewers through the content, maintaining a balance between information and entertainment.
  • Visual Appeal: Through animations, graphics, avatars or live-action sequences, explainer videos are visually captivating, holding the viewer’s attention from start to finish.
  • Focused Content: Explainer videos emphasize the main point, ensuring they don’t diverge into unnecessary details. They typically start with a problem statement, introduce a solution (usually a product or service), and then highlight the benefits.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Most explainer videos, a crucial component of video marketing, end with a CTA, encouraging viewers to take a specific action, whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a service, or simply visiting a website.
  • Shareability: Given their concise and engaging nature, these videos are easily shareable on social media, websites, and other digital platforms, allowing for broader reach and increased visibility.

The Benefit of AI in Explainer Video Makers

But hold on, how can someone craft animated videos without shelling out big bucks on expert video producers? The answer to making video creation, including animated content, as simple as viewing one is… AI! Here are some of the main advantages of using AI video makers for your explainer video:


  • Simplifying Learning – A core element of many explainer videos is user education. Explainer videos excel in this role. Adding animated features, fun graphics, or virtual presenters in these videos takes user engagement to the next level, offering both interactive and captivating content.


  • Cut video production costs–  A significant perk of AI explainer videos is eliminating the need for live-action shooting, removing the need for expensive equipment and production costs. Moreover, video makers can offer a broader canvas to present visuals that traditional filming might limit. For example, Hour One’s platform includes over 100 options for virtual presenters from various nationalities, appearances, and even languages.


  • Enhances creativity –  AI video makers empower creators with the freedom to innovate and introduce diverse characters, backgrounds, graphics, design elements, and customizable video templates, becoming a valuable addition to brand messaging and user creativity.


  • Script writing done easy – Let your AI video buddy streamline the production journey. It can refine a script or an idea, making your message more straightforward, engaging, and concise. Don’t have a script? With features such as Hour One’s script wizard, by using a single prompt, you can create the script you never thought you could put into words, telling the story that will grab your viewer’s attention within the first few moments.


  • Content consistency – AI explainer video makers ensure consistency in your video creation. Their template customization allows businesses to embed unique branding assets, such as logos and color schemes, into every video. This results in each video being distinctive in content but uniform in appearance, reflecting the brand’s consistent visual identity to the audience.


  • Increased accessibility – AI video makers enhance content accessibility by facilitating seamless language swaps and adjusting virtual presenters’ appearances to suit the target audience’s preferences. This adaptability ensures content resonates globally, catering to diverse audiences while maintaining a personalized touch.

How to Make an Explainer Video with AI

Making an explainer video with an AI video maker couldn’t be any simpler. With minimal design or production know-how or experience, you can smoothly navigate the entire process. While steps might differ slightly across platforms, the general workflow remains consistent throughout. 

1. Choose a Design Direction

Begin by selecting a design template that aligns with your message and brand. Templates serve as a helpful starting point, but make sure that the platform you are using allows you to tailor the design to your specific needs with template customization.

2. Decide on Your Presenter

Whether you’re leaning towards an animated character, an AI host, or any digital avatar, pick a figure that embodies your brand and message effectively. 

3. Craft Your Script

With a Script Assistant, develop a clear and engaging script for your explainer video. Make sure it’s concise and delivers your core message effectively. If targeting global audiences, consider multiple language options.

4. Personalize the Visuals

Dive into the customization phase by integrating relevant images, animations, brand assets, and transitions. Add a touch of music or sound effects to make it more captivating. This is your chance to make the video truly resonate with your audience.

5. Render and Review

Once all elements are in place, generate your video. Take a moment to review, ensuring everything aligns with your vision, and make tweaks if necessary.

6. Distribute and Engage

Finally, once your explainer video has received your team’s ‘OK’, release your video to the world! Share it across platforms, translate it if necessary, and engage with your audience’s feedback and responses. Need to make a few touch-up edits? No problem. Just go back to add, change, or remove whatever you wish to edit!

Tips and best practices for leveraging AI features

With the options seeming endless, it’s essential to consider a set of best practices to optimize the process and ensure high-quality results, so here are some tips to get started on your AI explainer video-making journey: 

Select the right AI video maker for your needs

With so many AI tools on offer, each boasting its own strengths, it’s essential to pick one that aligns with your needs, be it different pricing plans, animations, languages or collaborative features, finding the right tool for you should be one of the first things to consider.

Merge Creativity with AI

See AI tools as a supplement to your creativity, not a substitute. Start with the AI’s output and then finesse it, molding it into content that’s truly yours. When human touch collaborates with AI, the outcome is richer content.

Choose the template that compliments your brand

When diving into AI video makers, it’s pivotal to understand your audience’s pulse. The key is to go for templates that not only cater to their preferences but also mirror your brand’s essence. A template’s colors, fonts, and style should be in harmony with your brand’s identity, creating a seamless blend of familiarity and uniqueness.

Create a script that hits the nail on the head

Clarity is the secret sauce when feeding scripts to AI. A straightforward, concise script often yields the best outcomes. However, AI is an iterative process. It’s recommended to refine and adjust the script based on the AI’s suggestions, crafting a message that truly hits the mark.

‘Less is more’

When it comes to explainer videos, less can often mean more. While the appeal of multiple animations and visuals is strong, they should be used carefully. Strive for a consistent style throughout, ensuring a cohesive and immersive viewer experience. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience and distract them from the video’s actual message.

In conclusion

AI has revolutionized the explainer video industry by simplifying the video creation process and democratizing access to high-quality production tools. It has eradicated the traditional hurdles of resource-intensive video production, making it efficient and more tailored to audience preferences.

AI-powered explainer video makers like Hour One have transformed the way we communicate complex ideas, turning them into digestible, engaging, and memorable visual narratives.

By combining the efficiency of AI with human creativity, brands can create captivating videos that resonate deeply with audiences while staying true to their unique brand identity. The future of explainer videos is bright, powered by the boundless potential of AI. It’s an exciting era, and embracing these cutting-edge tools will undoubtedly lead to better, more impactful results. Embrace the game-changing capabilities of AI and step into the future of content creation.

To learn more or to start a free trial, get in touch with our Hour One team and get started with your next explainer video. 

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