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Easily Convert Text to Video with AI

Hour One’s Text to Video Generator simplifies the process of creating professional videos for businesses, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

Your text-based materials are begging to be transformed into video content! And it only takes minutes!

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The easiest-to-use AI Video text based Platform.

Trusted by different teams, scaling their video content production without exceeding budget constraints

text prompts to video

Instant Videos: From Prompt to Screen

Convert your ideas into captivating visuals at the click of a button, using our text prompting wizard.
Try it out today and see the power of turning text into dynamic video content for yourself!

slides and PDF to video

Transforming Presentations
and PDFs into Videos

Convert slides and PDFs into captivating videos in minutes with our intuitive platform.

Translation & Localization

Create videos in multiple languages — in a single click.

Are language barriers preventing you from creating international content?
Not anymore! Our built-in translation and local avatars will make your global content feel authentic.

How to convert text to videos

With Hour One, you can connect with a wide range of target audiences by communicating in their native language. Create your AI-avatar presenter based video using one of the hundreds of native-speaking voices that suit you best. You can even choose your preferred accent!

Step 1:
Enter Your Script

Start by inputting your text-based content. Whether you type it manually or paste pre-written text, our AI Text-to-Video generator will take care of the rest, transforming your script into a natural-sounding voiceover.

Step 2:
Choose Your Prefered Voice

With over 200 AI languages and dialects available, you have a wide selection to choose from. You can even opt to replicate your own voice, adding an extra layer of personalization to your content.

Step 3:
Select an AI Avatar Presenter

Enhance your text-based videos by adding an AI-generated presenter. These AI avatars will articulate your text, creating an engaging and interactive viewing experience.

Step 4:
Customize and Refine

Utilize our built-in media tools and incorporate your own assets to add style and polish to your presentation. Adjust visual elements, apply special effects, and customize backgrounds to align with your brand’s aesthetic.

Step 5:
Generate Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, simply generate your video. You can then download it for offline use, embed it on your website, or share it across your social media channels.

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It’s time to optimize your text based content with AI video.

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