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Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans


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Hour One Adds GPT-4 ‘Script Wizard’ Writing Assistant to AI Video Editor
What We Got Right And Wrong In Our 2022 AI Predictions
Brainstorm A.I. 2022 – A.I.’s Role In Shaping The Metaverse
Hour One’s custom digital avatars aim to transform the future of work
Here’s why we’re about to see an explosion of hyperreal artificial humans online
A Startup Cloning Creators; Facebook Shutters Live Shopping
Deepfake technology risky but intriguing for enterprises
This startup can make a digital twin of anyone
How to Translate Data Into Real-world Applications
An army of deepfake talking heads is coming for your feed, and it wants you
AI-powered characters based on real people can star in thousands of videos and say anything, in any language.
Language Lessons From Artificial Intelligence
How enterprises will use the still-undefined metaverse
Cameo Hires Boss Baby’s Virtual Clone and Synthetic Alec Baldwin Voice to Record Personal Messages
How Leaders Can Use AI to Fuel Creativity, Enhance Productivity, and Increase Revenue
Experiences: The 24 next big things, from AR car displays to virtual fashion
AI bots to user data: Is there space for rights in the metaverse?
Hour One: la empresa que venderá tu imagen por internet
AI-enhanced Cameos: How Hour One and the Boss Baby hope to transform personalized video messages
How Hour One Is Pioneering Presenter-Led Video at Scale Through AI
Berlitz Leverages Hour One to Scale Instructor-led Learning and Digitally Transform its Business
Hour One’s Virtual Human Receptionist Alice Adds Multilingual Capability
Look out language teachers, a synthetic human could be about to take your job
Digital Receptionist Adds Next-Gen Virtual Presenter Tech, Speaks In Multiple Languages
Synthetic Media as the Future of Video
AI-Powered Virtual People Can Now Take Over Office Receptionist Duties MAR 11, 2021 JARON SCHNEIDER
Hour One wants synthetic AI characters to be your digital avatars
Hour One raises $5M Seed to generate AI-driven synthetic characters from real humans
Does Natalie Monbiot Dream Of Electric Sheep?
The smiles may be fake but synthetic media’s potential is real
5 Q’s for Lior Hakim, CTO of Hour One
The age of the virtual human is here – are we prepared?
CES 2020: Preview of tomorrow’s tech on show in Las Vegas

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