Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

AI Video Use Cases

Limitless potential with Hour One's AI-powered avatars

Explore the potential of AI in video technology, enhancing marketing, customer loyalty, and employee training. Add virtual presenters and real-time translation in 100+ languages. Redefine your approach to video content creation, ushering in a new era of global communication.

Learning and Development

Revolutionize educational content with AI videos. Turn standard PowerPoint presentations into memorable videos for product tutorials, employee training, and onboarding, boosting engagement and learning effectiveness. Learn more


With customizable templates and realistic virtual presenters, elevate your marketing with AI video generation, creating impactful, personalized content that captivates audiences. Engage more effectively and drive conversions. Learn more. 

News and Sports

Broadcast breaking news and football scores globally using AI videos. Provide real-time updates with captivating visuals, enhancing viewer experience and engagement with a multi-lingual video solution. Learn more. 

Sales Enablement

Boost your sales strategy with AI videos. Turn boring slide decks and monotonous docs into captivating and informative videos, enhancing sales team efficiency and bringing better results – no editing or design skills necessary. Learn more. 


Turn your sales catalog into dynamic and engaging product showcases that drive customer interest and increase sales conversions. Use these branded videos for email marketing, on your online store or social media for best results. Learn more.

Customer Success

Anticipate customer challenges and questions by providing clear and customized support. Turn your “how-to”s, FAQs and tutorial texts into engaging videos with over 120 virtual avatars to choose from, enhancing user experience and customer loyalty. Learn more.

Sales Workflow

Optimize your sales workflow with high quality voiceovers and informative graphics. Facilitate effective team collaboration and create engaging video guides of the steps sales team needs to make when prospecting potential customers. Learn more. 

IT Training

Transform IT training material into professional-grade videos, using text-to-video technology and a voice library that offers 100s of options for training localization. Offer learning experiences that boost comprehension for tech professionals. Learn more. 

Customer Success

Revamp internal communication from ignored emails to engaging AI-generated videos. Produce captivating recruitment content, interactive training, and clear policy guides, fostering a vibrant workplace. Learn more.


Enhance eLearning with virtual presenters for clear, concise content delivery, improving learning outcomes. AI videos make quality education more accessible and widespread. Learn more.

Discover the Power of AI Video and Transform Your Content Today

Discover the Power of AI Video and Transform Your Content Today

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