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Close More Deals with
Personalized AI Video

Let your cloned Avatar do your prospecting and follow-ups 24/7, while the real you can focus on smashing those quarterly targets

The  Most Results-Driven and Engaging Sales Workflow Video Solution

Enhance the efficiency of your sales team through personalization at every stage of the customer journey. Refine workflow procedures, and boost conversion rates.

Prospecting & Outreach

Stand out and build stronger relationships with prospects, through personalized video outreach


Save valuable time & qualify leads faster by automating low-value mini demos

Win Deals

Ramp up sales teams faster and for success with engaging personalized video content.

Reach Expansion

Cross sales and expand new audience within your customer base with AI videos

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Increased Engagement

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Reply Rates

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Meetings Booked

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Revenue Growth

Outreach, Prospect, and Qualify

Standout with your outreach and prospecting activities with personalized sales video messaging. Book more meetings and increase conversion.

Create cost-effective sales videos with over 100 lifelike virtual avatars using text-to-video technology. Create videos across multiple languages, accents, and ethnic backgrounds for better sales workflow and global reach.

Customized Personalized Videos

Qualify and Increase Revenue Pipeline. Professionally showcase sales processes in a way that consistently aligns with your brand identity.

Standout with your outreach and prospecting activities with personalized sales video messaging. Qualify your prospects with mini demos, turning meetings into deals. Book more meetings and increase conversion.

Follow up and impact decision-makers to win more deals

Stay highly efficient and relevant With easy updates.

Build stronger relationships with personalized video summaries and follow-up to  to keep your pipeline engaged

Businesses are using
AI sales workflow videos to:

Streamline and optimize their sales processes. Videos provide a clear and consistent method for explaining complex concepts, ensuring that all team members are on the same page.

Enhance training and onboarding by covering various aspects of sales, from product knowledge to effective sales techniques, enabling a more efficient onboarding process.

Boost team collaboration within sales teams by creating engaging content to share updates, strategies, and best practices, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.

Accelerate decision-making by taking insights and data and transforming it into bite-size comprehendible videos. Sales teams can quickly retrieve and share videos to address client inquiries, resolve objections, and move deals forward.

Promote sales team and workflow consistency ensuring that sales all messaging and content remain consistent, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring that the brand’s image and values are accurately represented in all interactions.

Ensure a consistent flow of fresh and pertinent content, meeting the evolving needs of the organizations and the market.

Get Enterprise-Grade Scalability, Security, 
and Support
ISO 27001
SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001, SOC2 Compliant

Compliant with security controls that execute processes, policies and technologies to safeguard your company’s most sensitive information.

Secured Cloud Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art cinematic 3D video pipeline is running on the industry’s leading cloud providers, ensuring unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability.

Community Safeguarding

We implement strict guidelines and monitor against suspicious activity to ensure the health of our community.

Dedicated Success Team

Enjoy 24/7 support along with your own dedicated customer success manager and design expert.

Enterprise-level Scalability

We scale to meet your team’s video creation needs, and provide administration features and advanced security. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) 

Get fast and secure sign-on across your entire company. 


Hour One has a programmable video creation service that allows you to generate personalized videos at scale. Use a REST API as request and response payload format, and integrate our service into any technology stack.


Hour One has a programmable video creation service that allows you to generate personalized videos at scale. Use a REST API as request and response payload format, and integrate our service into any technology stack.

Ranked 4.5/5, G2 recognizes Hour One as one of the top new products in the AI market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hour One’s AI Sales Outreach empowers your sales outreach with personalized videos, making your communication more compelling and tailored. This innovative approach leads to higher engagement rates and greater chances of response, boosting your sales efforts.

Yes, Hour one is SOC2 Type I compliant, ensuring the security and safety of your data. You can trust that all your information is protected.

Absolutely! AI Assistant’s versatility makes it valuable across industries. Whether you’re in tech, finance, or any other sector, AI Sales Assistant’s personalized video messaging can be tailored to suit your target audience and objectives.

When using the Hour One AI Sales Outreach, you will create your AI avatar and customize a video template to fit your brand needs. Once integrated into your sales tools, It can automatically or semi automatically generate personalized videos for each prospect, saving you time and ensuring each communication is relevant.

AI Sales Outreach automated video personalization streamlines your prospecting efforts. Instead of creating individual videos, you simply create a template and an avatar, and then Sales Outreach AI takes care of the personalization for each prospect. This saves you time and allows you to focus on building relationships with your prospects.

Studies have shown that personalized videos can increase response rates by up to 150%. And for many of our clients, it has even crossed 400%, so why not give it a try? By using Hour One’s AI Sale Outreach dynamic video personalization tool features, you’re more likely to capture your prospects’ attention and receive meaningful engagement from them.

Yes, Hour One AI seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and Video Meeting platforms like Zoom, Meet, Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many other products. This streamlines your sales workflow and makes incorporating personalized videos into your strategy a breeze.

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