Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Custom AI Studio Avatars - Elevate Your Online Presence

Create a high-quality alternative to being on camera! Explore the potential of custom AI studio avatars and unlock a new level of visual representation with personalized digital twins.

What is a Custom Avatar?

A custom avatar is a realistic digital version of yourself, designed to capture your unique likeness. These custom AI studio avatars allow you to create personalized videos in 100+ languages and dialects, offering a new way to communicate your message.

Webcam AI Avatar

  • Record from your laptop
  • Ready within minutes
  • Chest up framing
  • 720p max. resolution
  • Available for Business plans and up

Studio AI Avatar

  • Top grade avatar
  • Choice of framing and setting
  • Requires studio recordings
  • 1080p max. resolution
  • Custom voice option

Benefits of Custom Studio AI Avatars

Generate Videos in Minutes

Effortlessly create highly personalized videos in 100+ languages with your Custom AI Studio avatar by simply inputting text. Ideal for internal communications, training videos, brand content, and more.

Connect with Your Audience

Custom AI studio avatars provide a distinctive and consistent representation that resonates with viewers and aligns with your brand’s identity—all without you needing to appear on camera.

Cost Efficiency Without Compromise

Once crafted, your custom AI studio avatar can be used across all video content, eliminating the need for hiring talent and resulting in significant long-term cost savings.

Maintain Consistency

Ensure a uniform appearance throughout your videos, conveying your message effectively without on-camera appearances or green screens.

Pair a Custom AI Voice to Your Custom Avatar

Pair a Custom AI Voice to Your
Custom Avatar

Clone your own voice and pair it with your custom avatar for a truly personalized experience. Use our AI voice cloner to mimic your voice and create video content with voiceovers for all types of communication. Record your voice once; our text-to-speech software uses deep learning to capture its quality for all your projects.

Example of a Custom AI Studio Avatar

Check out an example of a custom AI studio avatar.
AI Safety

Security and Ethics

Recorded Consent Required

Creating a personalized avatar requires explicit consent. Our team carefully reviews and processes all custom avatar video content.

Your Avatar is Exclusive to You

Your Custom AI Studio avatar remains solely accessible within your account unless otherwise specified. We ensure the safeguarding of your data and the ethical application of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Custom AI Studio avatar?

A Custom AI Studio avatar is a lifelike digital clone of yourself or of a selected representative for your company. These avatars capture the person’s unique identity, movements, mannerism and allows you to craft personalized videos in over 200 languages and dialects.

How long does it take to create a custom avatar?

Creating a Custom AI Studio Avatar takes up to 30 working days, provided payment has been made and accepted by our avatar team. In some cases, it may be quicker.

Can I customize the AI avatar?

Yes, of course! You can customize your avatar with your preferred appearance and clothing and more.

Will the custom avatar have my voice?

Yep! You have the option to clone your voice when creating your custom avatar so your avatar will not only look like you, but sound like you too. This involves a few additional steps, but results in a truly personalized experience. Note that AI voice cloning is a paid Enterprise plan feature.

Are The Avatars Modeled After Real People?

Yes, our avatars are meticulously crafted based on actual actors through video recording.

How Can I Preview an Avatar's Gestures?

You can check the gestures of an avatar by hovering over them on the Hour One platform, under the ‘Avatars’ tab. However, you’ll experience the full spectrum of their performance when your video is generated.

Can I create Avatars in Mobile Devices?

Yes, along our “off-the-shelf” avatars library, you can also create a customs avatar via our mobile app and use it in your videos. Mobile Avatars are currently supported on all ‘Mobile’ (portrait) templates and select landscape templates listed below. And stay tuned, there are more templates coming soon.

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