Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

AI Text-to-Speech Generation for Videos

Eliminate the hassle and costs of microphones, voice actors, 
or tailor-made audio tracks. Elevate your content effortlessly 
and achieve seamless, human-like speech with just a few clicks.


Generate speech in 100+ languages 
& 200+ voices


Create natural-sounding 
speech output


Ensure authentic pauses and pronunciations in your video

Our text to speech voices and accents

Explore a selection of our most in-demand AI-generated voices, 
available in multiple languages, including unique accents
Edit your videos easily

How to create videos using artificially 
generated voices

With Hour One, you can connect with a wide range of target audiences by communicating in their native language. Create your AI-presenter based video using one of the hundreds of native-speaking voices that suit you best. You can even choose your preferred accent!

Step 1:
Input Your Script

Begin by entering the text you’d like narrated. Whether you type it out or paste pre-written content, our AI voice generator will handle the rest by transforming your script into a natural-sounding voice over.

Step 2:
Select Your Desired Voice

You’re spoilt for choice with over 100 AI languages and dialects at your disposal. You can even opt to replicate your own voice, providing an extra layer of personalization to your content.

Step 3:
Opt for an AI Presenter

To make your voiceover even more captivating, add an AI-generated presenter. These AI presenters will read your text out loud, creating an immersive and interactive viewer experience.

Step 4:
Fine-Tune & Customize

Use our built-in media tools and import your custom assets to add flair and finesse to your presentation. Adjust elements like, visual cues, special effects and background to suit your brand’s aesthetic.

Step 5:
Generate Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, simply generate your video. You then have the option to download it for offline use, embed it into your website, or share it across your social media platforms.


All-in-one accent voice

generator & video

Don’t worry, we do more than just voice generation. Hour one let’s you create professional quality videos to scale, no editing or design skills required. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so all you need to do is pick your template and you’re good to go.

Voice and accent generator online

Get all the tools you need to create video at scale in less time, with less investment, and with less process. Work on multiple projects simultaneously. 
Enjoy prioritized video rendering to get your content faster.

Text-to-speech in different accents 
and voices

Our accent translator offers various male and female voice profiles to let you convert text to voice and add a narration to your video, We feature realistic human voices in different languages. You can preview the voice so you can hear how it sounds before adding it to your video. Quaranteed that your text will be read by a human voice. You can even add sound effects and background music from our stock library. It only takes minutes

Accent voice generator and video 
editor in one!

Does your video need some polishing, too? Look no further! Use our built-in video editing app to make your videos look even more amazing. Do it all in just o few clicks. You can add animated text, add images, subtitles, emojis, and drawings to your video. You can do it straight from your browser. No app or plugins to downlood, It only takes minutes on VEED to create stunning videos straight from your browser!

Turn your content

into videos within minutes!


How Do the Voices Function?

Our platform utilizes advanced text-to-speech technology to convert your written text into spoken words. Hour One takes this a step further by allowing you to pair an AI-generated presenter’s face with the selected voice, providing both an auditory and visual representation of your content.

What Are the Methods for Generating AI Text-to-Speech?

There are multiple ways to generate text-to-speech via AI. One popular option is utilizing a pre-trained deep learning model designed to turn text into realistic audio. These models are often based on deep learning algorithms and can be very effective at generating realistic-sounding speech.  Alternatively, you could employ a rule-based system that uses a fixed set of criteria to map text to sound. Some advanced platforms, like ours, combine both methods—using the deep learning model as a base and refining the output through rule-based adjustments.

What Exactly Is Text-to-Speech?

Simply input your text into Hour One’s video creation app, and the system will automatically convert your words into spoken audio.

Do All Voices Sound Identical?

Absolutely not. Hour One offers a broad spectrum of voices featuring various languages, accents, dialects, and speaking styles, allowing you to tailor your content for diverse audiences.

Can I Use My Own Voice Recording?

Yes, with our paid plans, you can upload your own voice recording. The AI presenter will then lip-sync to your provided audio. More details about voice uploads can be found here.

Is It Possible to Clone My Voice?

We offer a voice cloning feature as an optional add-on for users on our paid plans. This enables you to leverage Hour One’s text-to-speech capabilities using your own unique voice. Learn more about this feature here

Is My Language Supported or Will It Be Soon?

With a portfolio of over 120 stock languages, we already cater to a broad range of linguistic preferences. However, we’re continually extending our language options. So, if your preferred language isn’t currently available, chances are it will be soon.

How Do I Add Closed Captions?

During the video generation process, you’ll have the option to include closed captions. These captions will be created in the language the text is narrated in.

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