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Imagine unlimited opportunities to say it with a video

Turn any text into an engaging video for your business, instantly.

Check out some of the use cases

Learning & Development

Convert all your text documents and presentations into engaging presenter-led videos to educate and engage your employees. Forget about costly and time-intensive video prodcutions.  Our human AI technology makes it very easy and efficient to scale your video production.

3D News

Turn Articles Into Breaking Video Updates Automatically At last, running your own news studio is within reach. No cameras, no casting: Just pick a 3D newsroom, select a Virtual Anchor, enter your text — and publish videos in over 35 languages near-instantly. Learn more

Human Resources

Easily convert all your text materials to presenter-led videos placing a human face at every point of the employee journey and experience.


Convert all your text-based learning materials within minutes into engaging and effective teacher-like videos.

Language Learning

Instantly turn all your textual learning materials into instructor-led videos to deliver a premium language learning experience - see the spoken text and hear the pronunciation.

Real Estate

Choose the characters best suited to help you sell your listings. Use our video templates to present your listings in the best possible way.

More Use Cases

Create Your Own Character
on the Reals platform

Bring your own characters to present your brand

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What’s under the hood
Use Reals create amazing presenter-led videos in high-quality with little to no time:

Character Library

We provide +100 characters to choose from and are continuously adding more. You also have the ability to bring your own characters.

Video templates

Apply one of our many layout templates to give your video the slick and professional look. We made it easy to create studio quality videos.

Languages Library

It has never been easier and faster to create videos in multiple languages. Select the languages from our library add your text and that’s it.

Voice Library

Choose from different voices, tones of voice, fluence, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination for your characters.

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