Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Why Enterprises Choose Hour One Over Synthesia

Debating between Hour One and Synthesia and? Discover why Hour One’s superior features and cost-effective solution make it the smarter choice for elevating your business communication.

Hour One vs. Synthesia


Lively Avatar

Web Avatar

Studio Avatar

Ease of Use

Pre Made Templates


Low Quality


Clone Voice

Customer Support

Best in Market

Low Quality

Instant Translation

Mobile Templates

Mobile App


4 Reasons More Enterprises Pick Hour One

Tailored Customer Experience

Like crafting a masterpiece, we tailor Custom Templates to your vision, ensuring every video is a few clicks from perfection. Our Design Experts (or yours) transform your brand guidelines into cinematic narratives, accessible in minutes, not hours—requiring no design prowess from you.

Advanced Cloud Architecture

Our pioneering multi-cloud and 3D rendering infrastructure deliver unparalleled video richness and stability, setting a new standard for cinematic experiences.

Hyper-realistic AI Avatars

Our avatars are the pinnacle of realism, elevating engagement and connection with your audience to new heights. Click here to learn more about Studio Avatars and Voice Clone.

Exceptional Support

Your success is our mission. With dedicated Customer Success Managers and Design Experts, we walk alongside you, transforming our collaboration into a long-term partnership, not a transaction.

Compare Hour One and Synthesia Features Side by Side

Take a side-by-side, in depth look at all the features that matter most to your brand.

AI Video Platform

Hour One is the most intuitive platform, surpassing Synthesia in terms of ease of use, ease of scalability and render time. Time is money so Hour One AI is built to save you more of it.


Ease of Use


Render Time

Average 5 minutes

Average 10 minutes

Team Collaboration 



Platform Search 

PPT / Doc Upload


AI Scriptwriter


Hour One stands out in the market with its unrivaled hyper-realistic avatars, favored by more businesses for their exceptionally natural movements and the most seamless lip-syncing capabilities available today.


Stock Avatars



Lively Avatars

Studio Avatars

Web Avatars

Mobile Avatars

Lip sync



Avatar Customization

Avatar branding

Avatar emotions

Voices, Languages 
& Accents

Hour One offers superior voice and languages features than Synthesia. Why? Simple. Hour One enables you to customize your avatars accent and word pronunciation as well as add natural pauses, for a more engaging and human sounding narrative.





Voice Upload

Voice Cloning

Instant Translation


Voice Pauses

Templates & Multimedia

Although the basic packages for Hour One and Synthesia are similar, only Hour One allows you to work with our industry leading visual team, to create custom templates for your specific brand.


Pre-Made Templates

Custom Templates 

Auto Template Colors

Music Control

Stock Images

Stock Videos 

Upload Media

Reviews & Customer Support

At Hour One, our clients success is our priority so we lead the industry in terms of personalized customer support and pride ourselves on delivering a flawless experience. Rated 5/5, our enterprise support team, is the setting the standard.


Personal Enterprise Support



Business Support 



G2 Rating



Customer Experience





With Hour One you can integrate into any LMS as well as any other AI software your team uses in as little as 5 minutes.





AI Multimedia

Brand Kit

Hour One vs Synthesia pricing

With Hour One you get more video minutes and a bigger bang for your buck.

Hour One



3 Video Minutes



120 Video Minutes Per Year


Starting at $95

240 Video Minutes Per Year


Contact Us

100000+ Video Minutes Per Year




10 Video Minutes Per month



30 Video Minutes Per month


Upon Request

220 Video Minutes Per month

Get a Personalized Tour of Hour One

Why More Business Pick Hour One over Synthesia. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say.


Hour One currently offers a Free trial so that you can see how easy it is to create your videos.

Simply write the text you want the virtual human to speak in the video. Once you’ll generate the video, the character will speak it out.

We have a great Knowledge Base article that explains how to clone your voice here!

If you get permission from the individual who’s voice you want to clone then yes.

Not currently, but we do have over 200 accents in our voices languages.

A Custom Virtual character is a unique model created off of an individual’s likeness. You can read more here!

With Hour One, you are able to add your logo, custom colors, images, videos and more!

We offer the option to import a power point presentation! To learn more, view our article here!

You can: change each layout per scene, add your own titles and media, add or create your own custom colors, add your logo, add music and even add an intro/outro.

Yes! We currently offer custom templates on our Enterprise plan. Opting for this choice grants you access to dedicated design experts who will meticulously tailor the template to harmonize effortlessly with your brand and vision. You can learn more here.

We currently offer a library of music that you can add to your videos.

We enforce a strict moderation policy to ensure our videos and characters are used responsibly. You cannot make a character of anyone. Any individual that wants to become a character needs to sign a contract.

Yes, any videos that you downloaded are yours to keep and utilize.

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