Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Win More Deals with AI-Powered Sales Video Solution

Scale personalize sales communication with cloned sales avatars to smash those quarterly targets.

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Stand Out, Build Relationships
And Make an Impact

Unmatched efficiency in every sales touch-point:

From outreach, through follow-ups, to successful closure.

Transform Your Sales Process 
in 4 Simple Steps

Personalization at scale
SalesMeet Summary
Step 1

Create your Sales Avatar

Generate personalized videos at scale with a hyper-realistic AI avatar. Choose from our stock avatars collection, or create your own custom avatar.

Step 1

Create your Sales Avatar

Generate personalized videos at scale with a hyper-realistic AI avatar. Choose from our stock avatars collection, or create your own custom avatar.

Step 2

Create your video Template

Generate a video template, edit and customize it to your business needs. Perfect for scaling your repetitive efforts. 

Step 2

Connect your Meeting

Add your meeting link directly into the SalesMeet Summary tool. The Bot will join your meeting automatically.

Step 3

Personalize your Script

Use personalized tokens within your video template to boost responses and schedule more meetings.

Step 3

SalesMeet Summary create a video draft

Automatically transform meeting insights into strategic actions. The SalesMeet tool highlights crucial follow-up points, driving conversions and closing deals faster.

Step 4

Outreach, Prospect, 
and Qualify

Standout with your outreach and prospecting activities with personalized sales video messaging. Book more meetings and increase conversion.

Step 4

Follow up and impact decision-makers

Build stronger relationships with automatic personalized video summaries and follow-ups to to keep your pipeline engaged

See why professionals from leading companies choose Hour One

Unlock Exponential Sales Growth

Why Use Hour One’s Sales Video Solution?

Zero Effort

Easily create personalized templated sales videos at scale (via Form, API or CSV).


Streamline every step from pitch to close, using our effortless video tools. Stand out and drive sales with cutting-edge technology.


Personalize sales interactions with their prospect or clients by 
using cloned AI avatars that deliver customized messages that resonant.

High Conversion

Harness advanced AI to instantly create, automate & customize your sales activities with zero effort, saving you hours and increasing your revenue performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use AI Sales Suite as part of my sales strategy?

Hour One’s AI Sales Outreach empowers your sales outreach with personalized videos, making your communication more compelling and tailored. This innovative approach leads to higher engagement rates and greater chances of response, boosting your sales efforts.

Is my data safe when using Hour One's AI technology?

Yes, Hour one is SOC2 Type I compliant, ensuring the security and safety of your data. You can trust that all your information is protected.

Is AI Sales Outreach suitable for any industry?

Absolutely! AI Assistant’s versatility makes it valuable across industries. Whether you’re in tech, finance, or any other sector, AI Sales Assistant’s personalized video messaging can be tailored to suit your target audience and objectives.

How does AI Sales Outreach enhance video personalization?

When using the Hour One AI Sales Outreach, you will create your AI avatar and customize a video template to fit your brand needs. Once integrated into your sales tools, It can automatically or semi automatically generate personalized videos for each prospect, saving you time and ensuring each communication is relevant.

How can AI Sales Outreach help me save time in my sales workflow?

AI Sales Outreach automated video personalization streamlines your prospecting efforts. Instead of creating individual videos, you simply create a template and an avatar, and then Sales Outreach AI takes care of the personalization for each prospect. This saves you time and allows you to focus on building relationships with your prospects.

How does AI Sales Outreach improve response rates in B2B/B2C sales?

Studies have shown that personalized videos can increase response rates by up to 150%. And for many of our clients, it has even crossed 400%, so why not give it a try? By using Hour One’s AI Sale Outreach dynamic video personalization tool features, you’re more likely to capture your prospects’ attention and receive meaningful engagement from them.

Can I integrate Hour One AI with my existing CRM or video communication tools?

Yes, Hour One AI seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and Video Meeting platforms like Zoom, Meet, Teams, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many other products. This streamlines your sales workflow and makes incorporating personalized videos into your strategy a breeze.

Transform Your Sales Interactions with
AI-Powered Precision

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