AI-Video Platform

Streamline your video creation process with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

AI Avatars

Pick your perfect AI avatar and create professional-grade videos 

Stock AI avatars

Easily localize your content by selecting the avatar who matches your audience best.

Custom Studio avatars

Create an avatar that looks and sounds like you to represent your company. 

Dub words into any video

Upload your video to our playground and generate auto-dubbing to your videos, in any voice or language. 


Create a free video

Webcam and Selfie avatar

Create an avatar directly from your webcam, or download our mobile app (IOS) to create your avatar in minutes.

Languages & Voices 

Create videos in various languages, dialects, and voices. Type your script and instantly turn it into a professional voiceover.

Text to speech

Enter your text and turn it into professional voiceover in minutes. Adjust the voiceover’s tone, pauses and pronunciation.

100+ languages & voices

Our voice library offers 100s of options so you can localize your content for any audience.

Voice Cloning

Clone your voice (or any other voice sample) and pair your custom avatar, to create a lifelike avatar. Or add your recorded narration to the video.

Auto Translations

Automatically translate videos in a single click to localize your video content.

Video editing

Create top-quality videos with no editing skills. Access to a variety of templates for different types of videos or get a customized one!

Immersive 3D templates

Choose from a library of designed templates that meet any type of content. Customize your own templates with our design experts who will create your required template. 

Intuitive plug-and-play

Use your in-house design resources, or get the look & feel you want in a few clicks—no editing or design skills are needed. 

Formats & ratios

Use different ratios and formats to best fit your publishing platform.

Layout options

Create cinematic videos by Selecting different layouts for each scene. Choose camera movements and more.

Screen recorder

Make screen recordings in minutes; directly from the editor.

Closed captions

Add captions to your videos to make your content accessible.

AI Video Tools

Bring your creations to life with the power of AI

AI Wizards

Create the perfect script with our GPT-4 integration, or transform ideas into full videos with a single text prompt.

AI Meeting Summary

Auto-summarize meetings with your avatar to elevate your sales performance.

Strat from PPT, PDF or URL

Turn PDFs, PPTs, and Docs into video in minutes. 

Personalization Tokens

Use personalized videos to boost the engagement of your audience.

Brand and Customization 

Create consistently branded video content across your business with our branding features. 

Brand Hub

Save your brand logo, colors, and intros & outros 

Media library

Add visually rich media from our assets library of royalty-free images, videos and soundtracks.

Custom Templates

Get a custom branded template for your business

Custom AI avatars

Get a dedicated custom virtual presenters

Collaboration and sharing

Seamlessly collaborate across your entire team, and share your content effortlessly across any publishing platform. 

Live collaboration

Share video drafts with teammates or clients in real-time and create videos faster.  

Workspaces and roles

Create and assign different 
workspaces and roles.


Get feedback from teammates faster and easily share your final video content across any channel.  


Use our API to incorporate our Virtual Humans in your product or service.

Want to add our AI avatars to your product or service? Integrate Hour One’s API with your product programmatically or generate a video with just a few codes.

Enterprise Grade Security, Trust & Services

Hour One is committed to the highest standards of AI security and ethics

ISO 27001
SOC 2 Type II

ISO 27001, SOC2 Compliant

Compliant with security controls that execute processes, policies and technologies to safeguard your company’s most sensitive information.

Secured Cloud Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art cinematic 3D video pipeline is running on the industry’s leading cloud providers, ensuring unparalleled performance, scalability, and reliability.

Community Safeguarding

We implement strict guidelines and monitor against suspicious activity to ensure the health of our community.

Community Safeguarding

We implement strict guidelines and monitor against suspicious activity to ensure the health of our community.

Enterprise-level Scalability

We scale to meet your team’s video creation needs, and provide administration features and advanced security.

Enterprise-Level Scalability

We scale to meet your team’s video creation needs, and provide administration features and advanced security. 

Dedicated Success Team

Enjoy 24/7 support along with your own dedicated customer success manager and design expert.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Get fast and secure sign-on across your entire company.

See why professionals from leading companies choose Hour One


Hour One currently offers a Free trial so that you can see how easy it is to create your videos.

Simply write the text you want the virtual human to speak in the video. Once you’ll generate the video, the character will speak it out.

We have a great Knowledge Base article that explains how to clone your voice here!

If you get permission from the individual who’s voice you want to clone then yes.

Not currently, but we do have over 200 accents in our voices languages.

A Custom Virtual character is a unique model created off of an individual’s likeness. You can read more here!

With Hour One, you are able to add your logo, custom colors, images, videos and more!

We offer the option to import a power point presentation! To learn more, view our article here!

You can: change each layout per scene, add your own titles and media, add or create your own custom colors, add your logo, add music and even add an intro/outro.

Yes! We currently offer custom templates on our Enterprise plan. Opting for this choice grants you access to dedicated design experts who will meticulously tailor the template to harmonize effortlessly with your brand and vision. You can learn more here.

We currently offer a library of music that you can add to your videos.

We enforce a strict moderation policy to ensure our videos and characters are used responsibly. You cannot make a character of anyone. Any individual that wants to become a character needs to sign a contract.

Yes, any videos that you downloaded are yours to keep and utilize.

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