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Corporate Video

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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

In many large organizations, corporate videos are an essential component of the marketing strategy. A whopping 85.7% of industry experts consider them a pinnacle of content investment for businesses. Unlike promotional videos, corporate videos don’t just capture and maintain audience attention, they also communicate sincerity in credibility. This combination is impactful and makes corporate videos invaluable to achieving business success.

So, what exactly is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a type of promotional video that primarily highlights corporate culture, values, and engagement, rather than products. The goal is to enhance the visibility of your brand and build trust in your products, or services. With a corporate video, you aim to establish a personal connection with audiences and cultivate a favourable brand perception through transparency and personalized content. 

The idea of creating a corporate video may seem daunting at first. But once you get started you may find it can even be fun. And the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile (although it doesn’t have to be a lot of effort either).

3 Examples how businesses leverage corporate videos

Case Study Videos

Today’s consumers are suspicious. 81% evaluate a brand’s trustworthiness before making a purchase decision. As a brand in a competitive environment, you can boost the audiences’ trust by showcasing success stories in the form of case studies. Tell the stories of your customers’ challenges, your solutions, and the resulting improvement. Case study videos let you demonstrate how your offering addresses customer needs and build credibility.  

With the integration of AI video generation, you can create case studies quickly and effortlessly.  Use features like AI-driven voiceovers and text-to-video capabilities, making them more engaging and relatable.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos provide a glimpse behind the curtains of a business. They allow you to share the company’s values, vision, and beliefs that resonate with your audience. One effective strategy for creating compelling culture videos is to spotlight employees, who authentically represent the organization. Or you can showcase how the company supports its workforce and fosters a sense of community. With AI-generated technologies like voice cloning and personalized features, such as ‘Hour One’s’ Selfie Twin, you can create many types of company culture videos without effort and at scale. Easily share personalized and engaging stories.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial videos feature real stories from satisfied customers. They are powerful tools for influencing consumer behavior because 97% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after encountering positive reviews, or testimonial videos. You see, they play a significant role in building trust and credibility. AI video generation technologies help you turn every testimonial into a compelling video. AI-powered virtual presenters, a.k.a AI avatars, can tailor their language, tone, and accents to match the character and the message of the testimonial. Make text come alive and touch your prospects when it makes a difference.

Create your corporate video using Hour One

Hour One is an AI video tool, that simplifies the production of corporate videos and allows you to scale beyond expectation. Our strongest traits are ease of use and realistic virtual presenters that resemble real humans. Hour One’s features are designed to enable businesses to produce diverse and engaging video content without any effort or prior training. AI-generated avatars deliver narrations and act with natural gestures and expressions, so your messages reach your intended audience. 

Start by leveraging Hour One’s customizable video templates. You can easily incorporate your brand’s logo and design to ensure your content is on-brand. Other personalization tools ensure you have the flexibility to create any type of video you want, collaborate on the production in real time and incorporate feedback before publishing. Hour One offers a cost-effective solution for video production at scale. Start creating compelling corporate videos that resonate with your target audience and boost your brand.

Experience the boundless potential of Hour One. Contact us now or sign up for a free trial today!

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