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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

What is a Tutorial Video? 

Whether you’re interested in creating a tutorial video to train new employees, a how-to on your platform’s features for new clients, or an engaging way to provide technical support, tutorials are a great way to convey your message. Similar to its cousin, the explainer video, a tutorial video dives deeper into the “how-to” aspects. These videos serve as a visual guide, making your message a lot more engaging, and increasing the probability that your viewer will remember what he is being taught. Typically ranging from a few minutes to even an hour, tutorial videos systematically break down each step in a walkthrough format, ensuring that viewers can replicate what they are being shown with ease. 

Using visuals, voiceovers, screen recordings, and sometimes even demonstrations, tutorial videos make certain that no detail is left unexplained. They’re like a patient teacher in a virtual classroom, always ready to show you the ropes once more. You watch, pause, rewind, practice, and then move on. By the end, you’re left with a sense of accomplishment, thinking, “I can do this!” Tutorial videos empower, educate, and enrich, empowering the viewer to execute a task or understand a subject with significantly more confidence.

How Are Businesses Using Tutorial Videos?


Businesses are turning to tutorial videos for skill enhancement and professional development. Unlike explainer videos, which provide a quick overview, tutorial videos dig deep into the specifics. They serve as a comprehensive resource for mastering software, understanding intricate processes, or learning best practices. Employees can refer back to these tutorials as often as they need, providing a self-paced learning environment that boosts productivity and skill levels.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Tutorial videos go beyond the initial pitch, offering valuable content that helps users make the most of a product or service. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty. When customers know they can rely on your tutorials to solve a problem, they’re more likely to stick around and even recommend your product.

Product Onboarding

Tutorial videos are instrumental in onboarding users to a new product or service, particularly when the product has various features or complex functionalities. These videos ease the learning curve, enabling customers to become proficient users more quickly. Its also a great way to engage your audience early on by highlighting your products competitive features early on.

Technical Support

While explainer videos can answer basic FAQs, tutorial videos can delve into technical support topics. They guide the user through detailed troubleshooting steps, saving time for both the customer and the support team, and reducing support tickets.

Content Marketing

Tutorials offer valuable, actionable content that can attract a wide range of viewers. By addressing specific problems and providing detailed solutions, these videos can elevate a brand’s authority and expertise in a field. Many businesses use tutorial videos as a content marketing strategy to draw organic traffic, which is often more engaged and better targeted.

Onboarding and Employee Training

Businesses utilize tutorial videos for in-depth internal training. From mastering a new software tool to understanding company protocols, these videos serve as a great way to teach your employees the tricks of the trade. Unlike live training sessions, tutorial videos are always accessible, ensuring consistent training quality.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Through tutorial videos, businesses can introduce users to advanced features or related products, effectively employing upselling and cross-selling strategies without appearing overly promotional.

Tutorial Videos with Hour One’s AI Tool

In the past, the luxury of producing top-notch tutorial videos was largely reserved for corporations with deep pockets. However, the game has changed significantly with technological advancements like Hour One. Now, companies big and small have the ability to create professional-level tutorial videos. The only limit to what you can accomplish is your own creativity.

Hour One offers over 100 virtual hosts, also called “ai presenters”, that are as lifelike as human presenters, alongside an expansive array of customizable designs, eye-catching visual effects, and real-time content adjustments. Given its rapid delivery timelines and the potential for high viewer engagement, Hour One stands as an optimal AI video tool for concise, clear, and compelling tutorials.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the transformative power of generative AI, we invite you to try our free Hour One trial. Should you have inquiries or feedback, our dedicated team would be glad to hear from you.

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