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Training videos

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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

What are training videos?

Training videos are the swiss army knife of modern educational tools, making them indispensable for a multitude of applications. They serve as a versatile and impactful tool designed to streamline the learning process in various contexts such as onboarding new hires, offering product training, and enhancing customer support.

When a new hire steps into an organization, the training requirements can often be overwhelming and discouraging. Instead of drowning a new employee in an ocean of PDFs, PowerPoints and manuals, you can carefully create training videos that break down each subject into digestible chunks. He can watch at his own pace, absorbing information like a sponge, making the complexities of starting a new job seem much more manageable. Consequently, training becomes a less arduous endeavor for both the employee and the organization.

Using elements like animations, music, real-world examples, interviews, and screen captures, these videos clarify complex topics in an engaging manner. Platforms like Hour One even enable the incorporation of a virtual AI presenter, mimicking the impact of an in-person presenter and thereby enhancing information retention and application. Whether it’s a quick demo for troubleshooting common tech issues in customer support, or an in-depth walkthrough of a new software product, explaining any topic can be a lot more engaging and memorable when done in video. Their linear yet modular nature allows you to easily revisit sections for a quick refresher or skip to the segments that pertain to you. As a result, your viewer walks away thinking, “Not only do I get it, but now I can show someone else how it’s done.”

Streamlined Onboarding Experience

Training videos offer an exceptional solution for onboarding new employees. Rather than distributing cumbersome manuals or hosting time-consuming orientation sessions, companies can deliver a sleek, uniform introduction to the organization’s culture, policies, and job-specific tasks. This sets the stage for a cohesive work environment from day one.

Continuous Skill Development

Training videos aren’t a one-and-done resource; they’re a treasure trove for ongoing employee development. These versatile tools can be designed to teach complex software applications, intricate safety measures, or the art of stellar customer service. The best part? Employees can revisit these resources as often as they need, ensuring that learning truly sticks.

Adaptability in Fast-Paced Industries

In sectors like technology and healthcare, where the landscape is continually evolving, training videos are a great way to keep staff informed about the latest tools, techniques, or regulations. Unlike static print materials, videos can be quickly updated to reflect new information, making them a resilient and future-proof training medium. With platforms like Hour One, you can easily go back, edit and update materials without the need to start from scratch each time, saving time and considerable resources.

Interactive and Engaging Learning

Who said training can’t be fun? Modern training videos often incorporate interactive elements like quizzes, real-time assessments, and even gamification. These engaging features not only enhance retention but also transform the learning experience into an enjoyable journey, increasing overall participation and effectiveness.

Training Video with Hour One

Company training has always been a challenging topic for businesses. No matter how many compliance or training presentations you present, removing the underlying monotone that comes with discussing rules and regulations is almost impossible. But what if we told you that AI video generation could change all of this? Hour One not only boosts employee engagement and improves learning curves, but is time proof, doesn’t require any video editing or production skills and is hardly a burden on your businesses’ budget.

Presenting information in a controlled environment, where viewers can observe, pause, rewind and start from the beginning, also removes cognitive barriers as employees remain tuned in and go at their own pace. With an improved understanding and visual representation of the subject, the information is better retained, resulting in skills being developed quicker and more accurately. For example, when a team of doctors are being trained on a new type of technology, Hour One can present them with images of the technology and its application as well as receiving an explanation from a life-like character as if he was there. In this scenario, the real-time visualization improves their understanding, resulting in better results and doctors (and patients patients of course).

To learn more about how you can use Hour One’s AI tool to create your next training video check out our free trial

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