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Synthetic Media

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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

What is Synthetic Media?

The biggest technology trend impacting business these upcoming years is synthetic media. Essentially, synthetic media is any kind of video, image, text, and voice content that is either fully or partially generated by AI. This advanced form of media production relies on user inputs—ranging from voice to visual likeness or even textual prompts—to deliver uniquely crafted outputs. 

Although synthetic media is still developing, its applications span across a wide spectrum, including, but not limited to, learning and development, marketing, and training arenas. The cornerstone of synthetic media lies in its AI-driven capabilities, ensuring high-quality, scalable, and personalized content solutions, often indistinguishable from those produced by humans.

Not only does it promise efficiency and cost reductions, but it also offers an unprecedented level of customization and personalization, enabling businesses to forge deeper connections with their audiences and remain agile in the competitive digital sphere. As the understanding and appreciation of synthetic media’s capabilities grow among businesses, its adoption is set to transform industries. In fact, by 2027, the estimated worth of the global synthetic media market is projected to reach $3,562.09 million.

How are businesses using synthetic media?

Education and e-learning

E-learning refers to the use of electronic technologies to deliver educational content and training. Synthetic media significantly enhances learning experiences by applying the text-to-video feature, bringing materials alive with the help of a realistic virtual presenter. With the use of synthetic media, learners can control the frequency and pace at which they learn. Alongside different language features, businesses can ensure more effective content absorption and higher learning engagement. 

The potential for realistic synthetic media such as video, voiceovers, and visuals reduces the need for hiring extra staff for education and training purposes, providing cost savings for businesses. With the genuine feel it brings, it encourages trust and relatability among learners, further elevating the e-learning experience.

Product Demos

A product demo is a presentation or demonstration showcasing a product’s features, functionality, use cases, and benefits to potential users or customers. Instead of traditional filming requiring physical products, locations, actors, and a heavy budget,  synthetic media can digitally generate or manipulate video content. When using text-to-video, businesses can craft lifelike virtual presenters, simulate real-world scenarios, and customize the demo based on specific target audiences. 

AI-generated voiceovers alongside music and sound effects can ensure a more memorable and engaging narration. The flexibility to edit with synthetic media means businesses can quickly adapt, modify, or iterate their product demos based on feedback or updates without the significant costs and time associated with conventional video production

Customer Testimonials and Influencer Campaigns

Customer testimonials serve as valuable trust-builders amongst potential customers, highlighting the tangible advantages of a product, with influencer campaigns proving to be successful in boosting audience interactions. Synthetic media, incorporating tools like text-to-speech capabilities, virtual presenters, and voice and image cloning, can effortlessly transform written texts into captivating video narratives.

Tools such as Hour One’s “Script Wizard” can refine existing textual content, optimizing the message and improving its engagement factor and relatability, thus increasing the business’s credibility and improving conversion rates. Utilizing synthetic media software for curating customer testimonials ensures a vibrant and scalable online presence, minus the hefty expenses, freeing up valuable time to strategize and enhance customer loyalty.

Brand Videos

Brand videos spotlight a company’s core values, culture, and ethos. With synthetic media, businesses can create immersive brand narratives without sacrificing quality and authenticity. Features such as voice cloning facilitate the integration of genuine employee voices, adding a reliable and personal touch to the video. Additionally, with tools like Hour One’s Selfie Virtual Twin, employees can generate their digital doppelgangers, bringing a genuine human touch to the brand’s story. These custom, lifelike avatars captivate viewers, offering an engaging and relatable viewing experience.

Moreover, the ability to easily edit synthetic media means videos can be modified post-production. Whether integrating new team members, updating organizational details, or launching a refreshed video newsletter, businesses can swiftly adapt their content. This mirrors the fluid nature of corporate cultures, ensuring brand videos remain current without draining significant resources or time.

Synthetic Media with Hour One

Hour One’s synthetic media features present a transformative opportunity for businesses navigating the world of digital content. At the heart of its offering is the virtual presenter feature, 

custom avatars, closely resembling humans from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds. These characters make digital interactions more relatable and engaging, enriching user experience. Paired with Hour One’s realistic voice-over, which includes over 100+ languages, tones, and accents, and even the option to clone your own voice, businesses can generate audio content that feels personalized and genuine, with the flexibility to adapt based on the target audience. Beyond the auditory and visual, Hour One’s tools empower businesses with content generation and modification, helping creators to produce content that hits the right emotional chords with audiences. By producing content rapidly and enhancing scalability, businesses can meet evolving content needs swiftly and efficiently, all without compromising quality. By integrating Hour One’s synthetic media features, businesses stand to gain not just in cost and time efficiencies but also in creating resonant, adaptive, and personalized content in a dynamic digital environment. Experience the limitless potential of Hour One by reaching out to our team or signing up for a free trial today.

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