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Deepfake Video

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Video marketing is booming for B2B industries, with 92% of marketers considering it crucial.

What is a Deepfake Video?

A deepfake video ​is a type of synthetic media created using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, mainly deep learning, from which the term “deepfake” comes from. These videos are often surprisingly realistic, as they can show people, usually celebrities or public figures, doing or saying things they never actually did. This is achieved by training an algorithm on a large dataset of real images and videos of the chosen individual. The AI then learns to replicate the person’s facial expressions, voice, and mannerisms.

Deepfake videos can be produced using two primary methods.
The first method involves manipulating an existing video of the intended target, altering it so the person appears to say or do things they never actually did.
The second method, commonly referred to as a face swap, involves replacing one person’s face in a video with the face of another, making it look like the latter is the one in the image.
Adding audio deepfakes and precise lip-syncing significantly make these videos look more authentic and almost indistinguishable from real footage.

4 Ways Businesses are Using Deepfake Videos

Influencer Campaigns

Deepfake technology is taking influencer campaigns as we know them up a level by enabling brands to feature top influencers or iconic figures like Brad Pitt or even Bugs Bunny in their content without requiring their physical presence. This is done by using existing digital footage and voice recordings of these personalities. For instance, a brand could create a video advertisement where a celebrity appears to praise a product or an influencer seems to conduct a tutorial using the brand’s products. 

The technology’s ability to convincingly replicate the appearance and voice of individuals opens up a realm of creative possibilities for marketing. Brands can produce content that is highly engaging and authentic that resonates with their target audience. That said, adopting this technology with ethical and legal considerations as well as transparency, is crucial to maintaining consumer trust. 

Product Demonstrations

Deepfake videos, with their voice cloning and face-swapping capabilities, are transforming product demonstrations into a more personal and engaging form of communication than the regular slide dock presentations we are all familiar with. By leveraging these technologies, companies can create demonstrations that feel authentic and trustworthy, greatly enhancing audience engagement.
For example, a CEO of a cybersecurity software company could be depicted presenting their best-selling product through a deepfake video. The technology would clone the CEO’s voice and swap their face onto a virtual avatar, making it appear as if he was explaining the product’s features step by step.  This approach not only saves significant production time and costs but also maintains the effect of a high-level executive’s endorsement. 

The result is a dynamic and interactive experience that captures the audience’s attention and builds trust in the product and the brand.

Immersive Shopping Experiences

Immersive shopping experiences, particularly in eCommerce, are being significantly enhanced through the use of deepfake technology. This innovative approach allows online stores to superimpose a shopper’s face onto the buyer’s body of choice that most resembles her own,  creating a personalized visual representation of how clothes and accessories would look on the actual customer. This level of customization addresses one of the major challenges of online shopping: the inability to try on items. By leveraging deepfakes, customers can get a more personal and realistic view of products, leading to more confident purchasing decisions.

This technology not only enhances the customer’s experience but also potentially reduces the rate of returns, a significant issue in the eCommerce industry. The interactive nature of this experience increases customer engagement, making shopping more enjoyable and memorable. By incorporating deepfake audio with voice cloning features, the virtual model can even speak with the buyer’s voice, tone, and expression, taking personalized shopping to another level entirely. 

Omnichannel Marketing

Deepfake videos have proved themselves to be a powerful tool for omnichannel marketing, offering a versatile and cost-effective solution for repurposing marketing content across various channels. Traditionally, reshooting campaigns for global accessibility and relevance is resource-intensive and time-consuming. However, with deepfakes, marketers can effortlessly adapt a single campaign for multiple locations. By easily editing video cuts, they can feature local celebrities, key figures, or even employees from local offices, making the content more relatable and appealing to specific audiences.

This ability to easily customize and localize content reduces costs and production time and enhances the scalability of a company’s marketing efforts. Businesses can quickly respond to market changes or regional trends, ensuring their marketing campaigns remain relevant and impactful on a global level and across various channels. The use of deepfake technology in omnichannel marketing represents a strategic shift towards more agile, personalized, and efficient content creation, enabling businesses to maximize their reach and engagement with minimal investment.

Deepfake Videos and Hour One

In the business and marketing world, deepfakes offer innovative opportunities for marketing, brand promotion, and customer engagement. They enable the creation of highly personalized content, such as featuring a well-known spokesperson or celebrity endorsement without their physical presence. FYI – did you know that an Irish accent holds a unique appeal to audiences, leading to significantly higher engagement levels? 

Hour One stands out in this arena, transcending the typical capabilities of deepfake creation platforms. With its cutting-edge features like text-to-video conversion, voice cloning, ‘selfie virtual twin’, and support for over 100 languages and accents, Hour One offers businesses an abundance of innovative ways to connect to create memorable and effective content Whether it’s for product demonstrations, explainer videos, or customer testimonials, Hour One provides a versatile and impactful toolset to reach and resonate with audiences no matter where they are.

To experience the transformative power of Hour One first-hand, sign up for a free trial and see the power of deepfake videos for yourself!

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