5 Examples of Generative AI-Made Videos for Corporate Use

5 Examples of Generative AI-Made Videos for Corporate Use

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Over the past year, no new technology has significantly impacted our collective imagination more than generative artificial intelligence. Even though it’s still in the early stages, generative AI is writing stories, creating images, and synthesizing information in ways that reveal its tremendous potential. Soon, nearly all forms of content creation will be permanently impacted by generative AI, including video production.

The demand for generative AI is reaching a fever pitch. The ChatGPT chatbot is one of the fastest-growing apps ever, with an estimated 100 million active users, and tech giants like Google and Microsoft are going all-in on AI investments. Between the end users using generative AI to create experimental art and the massive corporations integrating it into their flagship products, countless businesses are just starting to realize how AI tools can help them create timely, engaging, and affordable content.

Video has long reigned as the most popular form of online content, but video production has always been one of the most costly and complex forms of content creation. Generative AI promises to make high-quality video content accessible to any business, no matter how tight your budget. To demonstrate how far we’ve come already, this post will show you several excellent examples of AI-generated videos for various corporate use cases.

How has generative AI impacted corporate video production?

Businesses have used AI for quite some time for content recommendations, customer service chatbots, and predictive modeling. The ability of AI to generate content that rivals human-made creations is a more recent development. AI-generated video is already showing up in e-commerce, human resources, learning and development, news broadcasting, on-the-job training, product tutorials, and many other essential use cases.

One limitation of generative AI is that it’s only as knowledgeable as the data sets it gets trained on. Some early experiments with AI-generated content have resulted in errors and plagiarism & katze zahnfleischentzündung. These problems can be avoided by using AI to enhance, modify, or build upon reliable source material; and using human intelligence to review the finished product for accuracy.

The Benefits of Producing Corporate Videos with Generative AI Tools

Recent technological advances have made AI-generated videos comparable to traditionally-produced videos in terms of quality and professionalism. Now that AI videos can meet these high standards, there are several advantages they have over videos shot the old-fashioned way:


When you list all of the resources required to produce a video using traditional methods (scriptwriting, locations, equipment, crew, talent, editing), it adds up to a lot of expenses. AI-generated video requires none of these things. It can take a simple source text file, or even a concise prompt, and turn it into a complete video with music, graphics, and lifelike virtual presenters.


Traditional videos must be shot in real-time, and often require multiple takes and hours in the editing room—not to mention all the work that goes into preparing for a shoot. AI tools can generate a finished product almost instantaneously.


The affordability and speed of generative AI also make it endlessly scalable. Once your source material is ready, there’s not much difference in cost between producing a single video and producing hundreds in different languages or with different virtual presenters—or both!


When it costs next to nothing to generate a video, there’s nothing stopping you from customizing and personalizing video content to benefit your target audience. Generative AI can help you reach vast new market segments by translating videos into different languages, or creating tailored experiences for individual viewers by incorporating bespoke scripts and imagery.

5 Examples of Generative AI-Made Videos for Corporate Use

1. ALICE Receptionist’s Multilingual Customer Support

Positive customer interactions play a huge role in determining how a company is perceived. A reputation for friendly customer service brings repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations, and ALICE Receptionist helps companies provide these experiences through scripted interactive videos.

To handle diverse customer demographics and a wide array of potential scenarios in a consistent, detail-oriented manner, ALICE uses AI to generate virtual clerks who can greet customers, check them in, run health screenings, print visitor badges, and connect with live staff as needed.

Expanding into global operations is a top priority for many corporations, but offering full multilingual customer support can be challenging. Generative AI makes it easier to create customer service training videos as well as to communicate with customers in their native language with relatable virtual presenters. AI also allows ALICE’s clients to expand and update their videos without introducing continuity errors—virtual presenters never change their look or become unavailable due to scheduling conflicts.

2. DeFiance Media’s Automated Newscasts

To meet its goal of offering 24/7 video coverage of alternative culture, finance, and technology, DeFiance Media turned to generative AI.

Staffing a news studio around the clock and keeping live news anchors constantly on-air is a massive and costly undertaking—even cable news networks like CNN run repeat broadcasts and prerecorded shows for a significant portion of their broadcasting day. Instead of going this route, DeFiance Media created a virtual 3-D newsroom and a virtual anchor capable of delivering the news engagingly and realistically.

With their virtual newsroom and anchor ready to deliver at a moment’s notice, this digital network is prepared to disrupt traditional media and bring stories to air as soon as news breaks. 

3. Ran’s Sports Coverage with Virtual Anchors

Ran, a sports broadcasting network operated by one of the largest media companies in Germany, uses AI to provide coverage of the FIFA World Cup and other popular sports events.

During events like the World Cup, sports broadcasters are faced with high demand for coverage of a large number of games all happening within a tight timeframe. Generative AI video provided Ran with a resource to scale up coverage as needed without temporarily hiring dozens of producers, camera operators, and on-screen talent. AI-generated virtual presenters provided commentary on these broadcasts in a custom-designed 3-D newsroom.

Using generative AI, Ran provided complete coverage of all the matches their audience wanted to see, increasing viewer satisfaction and producing a deep library of monetizable content.

4. Berlitz’s Instructor-Led Language Learning

Berlitz has been teaching language acquisition for more than a century, but to scale up their instructional resources to meet the needs of the present day, they turned to a thoroughly modern solution: generative AI.

Video is known to be the most engaging media format for viewers and is one of the most effective ways to deliver instructional content that sticks. The problem is that video production has always been difficult and expensive to scale up, especially when you need to create content in the dozens of different languages taught by Berlitz.

To solve this problem, Berlitz uses eight different virtual instructors to lead AI-generated video lessons. These instructor-led videos provide the same benefits as videos shot with human instructors, but at a fraction of the time and cost. AI video can be a highly effective way to deliver educational content in a wide variety of contexts, including employee development and online e-learning classes.

5. Hour One’s Employee Onboarding Video

In every corporation, human resources teams are tasked with delivering critical information to get new and current employees up to speed on policies, procedures, benefits, and everything else they need to know. Video is a great way to handle these internal communication requirements, but HR departments can’t always count on a limitless production budget.

For large organizations with many different departments and teams, a one-size-fits-all introductory video isn’t necessarily going to set every new employee up for success equally. With generative AI’s ability to create customized videos at scale, it becomes feasible and cost-effective to onboard every individual with exactly what they need to know—and nothing extraneous.

In this example video produced by Hour One using the Hour One al platform, an AI-generated virtual presenter provides essential information about logistics and company culture for a new hire. Robust onboarding is vital to establishing good employee experiences and retaining top talent, and customized onboarding video makes it possible to deliver the most relevant information with the right tone every time.

Revolutionize Corporate Video Production with Generative AI

Generative AI is transforming how businesses create content, and video offers some of the greatest opportunities for AI to provide significant cost savings and scalability. Audiences find video more compelling than any other content format, and generative AI has the potential to make the power of video accessible to all.

No matter what type of video you need to produce, it always helps to include a relatable personality to lead viewers through it. Hour One allows you to populate your AI videos with lifelike and diverse virtual presenters who can add that much-needed human element. Sign up to create a free video and get a firsthand look at corporate video content’s future.

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