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German sports broadcaster delivers premium sports news coverage at scale with AI-powered virtual anchors and 3D news studio

Owned by Germany’s second-largest media network, ProSieben, Ran.de is one of Germany’s most established sports broadcasters.

The Challenge

Sports news websites face considerable pressures during the FIFA World Cup events, including the need to provide timely coverage of multiple matches occurring simultaneously and the need to produce engaging content to attract and retain audiences.
Additionally, Ran.de needed to create more premium video inventory to more effectively monetize coverage through advertising.
In order to keep up with the high demand for timely and engaging video coverage of the World Cup  — as well as other major sports tournaments such as those of Germany’s National Football League (Bundesliga) — Ran.de turned to Hour One for a scalable solution.

Hour One’s Solution

Since 2021, Ran.de has leveraged Hour One’s technology to deliver premium sports news video updates automatically via AI-powered virtual news anchors.
And as of 2022, Ran.de utilizes Hour One’s exclusive 3D templates to create a next-generation news experience – generated entirely from code, without any human anchors, cameras, crew, or studio.
The sports website’s use of a virtual news anchor allowed the company to deliver premium sports news automatically and at scale, an innovation that enabled Ran.de to save 90% on traditional news production costs and produce content 10 times faster.

The Results

820 videos generated
A new Bundesliga sports video series, featuring 820 videos to date, engaging the league’s fans and driving more premium videos for Ran.de’s advertising monetization.

90% savings
Without the need to hire live a crew and anchors, or to build a studio, ran.de made unprecedented savings in content production.

Custom-created virtual newsroom
Fully customized 3D virtual newsroom for Ran.de brand content, complete with 3D graphical intro and outro.



Hour One offers huge flexibility with a selection of virtual humans, along with speed and quality. They are also always innovating, and no one else in the market offers customizable 3D environments like they do – to instantly generate immersive and presenter-led videos from a text.

Malte Krotki,
Director of Business Development, NetPoint Media

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