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What is an Instructional Video?

A question that businesses ask themselves time and time again is how to convey company guidelines, platform instructions or specs in a way that employees or customers will want to consume the content and above all, remember it. This is where instructional videos come into the picture.

An instructional video is a content format leveraged by businesses to convey information, skills, or knowledge in a visual and auditory manner. It serves as a step-by-step guide, aiming to educate the viewer on a specific task, concept, or process integral to a company’s operations or offerings. These videos play a crucial role in employee training, customer support, and product usability, providing an engaging and efficient way to communicate complex information.

For businesses, instructional videos not only foster a deeper understanding among employees and customers but also offer a consistent and reusable resource, reducing the time and cost associated with traditional training methods. The use of visuals, narration, and demonstrations in these videos makes them an effective tool for enhancing learning retention, thus, optimizing work processes. In this glossary, we will explore how instructional videos can be used by businesses to create both informative and engaging content.

How are businesses using instructional videos?

Software Onboarding

At a rapidly-growing software company, every new developer needs to understand the firm’s proprietary software stack. Instead of one-on-one training sessions, the company uses an instructional video series. In it, senior developers demonstrate the software’s features, provide coding examples, and navigate its interfaces. New hires can revisit these videos, ensuring they grasp complex concepts at their own pace.

Complex Task Simplification

Many companies hold various processes that involve multiple steps, making it difficult for newcomers to grasp. Through developing an instructional video, they are able to break down these tasks step-by-step, utilizing both visual cues and expert explanations, making the entire process a lot more comprehensible and applicable. New team members can watch the video multiple times, pausing and replaying as needed until they are comfortable with the process.

Health & Safety Procedures

Visualize a manufacturing unit where employees follow safety protocols to the tee, thanks to clear instructional videos. Such videos are paramount in communicating health and safety procedures, fostering a secure working environment, and ensuring adherence to regulations by vividly emphasizing the importance and demonstrating the correct practices.

Customer Support & FAQ

Customer support comprises a big portion of a businesses resources, time and effort. By creating instructional videos to address common queries and issues, you are providing clear and immediate solutions, which not only boost customer satisfaction but also alleviate the demand on customer support teams and enhance your customer’s product experience

Instructional Videos with Hour One

When it comes to instructional videos, Hour One emerges as a market leader with its innovative AI video generator, turning standard instructional materials into captivating videos imbued with a human touch. This transformation is not just about aesthetics but a reshaping of communication, ensuring each video becomes a unique and memorable storytelling experience.

If you’re looking for the best way to articulate an idea so that it can be easily learnt and understood, what sets Hour One apart is its GPT-3 powered Script Wizard, a text generator tool simplifying even the most complex ideas into a captivating narrative.

The platform’s Virtual Human AI Presenters add a layer of realism, offering customizable virtual humans that can mirror the preferences of the presenter or the audience. With options to choose from a variety of languages, accents, tones, and dialects, Hour One breaks down linguistic barriers, amplifying the accessibility of content.
The feature of voice cloning adds a distinctive personal touch, creating an immersive experience akin to a personal delivery of the video, almost as if you were physically handing over the instructions yourself.

In essence, Hour One stands as a beacon of innovation in instructional video creation, offering tools and features that not only elevate the quality of content but making learning a more enriching and personalized experience for all.

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