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Hour One’s Year in Review

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2023 passed in a blink of an eye, but what a year it was. The team here at Hour One is stoked about our achievements: a. Because growth is great, and we’re very proud of ourselves.

The team has highlighted a number of intriguing trends, particularly in the realm of video marketing trends, which we believe will capture the attention of marketers, content creators, HR professionals, and essentially anyone engaged in the digital space.

In this article, we are inviting you to celebrate with us a year filled with innovation, growth, and countless achievements. Our dedicated team, scattered across diverse corners of the world, has been hard at work to bring you a multitude of exciting developments in AI video generation.

So, In the spirit of reflection and anticipation, this is our year in review. From big brands to popular features, these are the milestones that defined Hour One’s journey in 2023.

2023 Video Recap

Welcoming Industry Giants to the Hour One Family 

At Hour One, the past year was marked by growth and expansion, and we can’t start a recap without acknowledging the many businesses we welcomed to our platform in 2023. 

Adding big corporate names such as Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, AstraZeneca, and educational institutions like Princeton University was a big milestone for us. 

But this achievement isn’t just about us (although we have tapped ourselves on the back many times) but about the growing interest in the AI industry and the ever-growing demand for AI-driven video generation solutions. 

These big brands’ decision to partner with Hour One highlights their trust in our capabilities. It also reaffirms that AI video creation is becoming a vital tool for businesses and institutions from diverse industries, remaining competitive and innovative in their marketing material, training videos, or whatever it may be. 

Human Presenters are Over-rated 

Meet Jessie. No – she’s not a living, breathing human, but she is pretty convincing. 

Jessie was the most used avatar this year, featured in over 1,300 AI-generated videos. It turns out that hyper-realistic AI avatars offer a human-like presence that rivals traditional human presenters. We also learn from this that organizations may prefer to use women as the face of their organization over men – who runs the world? 

With over 11,528 personal AI talking avatars generated this year, avatars are proving the power to possess the remarkable ability to captivate audiences, fostering a deep connection and engagement. Their natural and relatable communication style draws viewers in, making them feel like they’re interacting with real individuals. 

It seems like businesses will choose a human avatar over a human presenter when they know that the effectiveness and quality of their video are not being compromised, saving them big bucks on production expenses. 

The Power of Video 

In 2023, our loyal users created a staggering 3,248.5 days worth of video content in a single year! This is equivalent to 9 years of non-stop viewing. It would be like making a round trip to the moon and back nearly 7 times. It is also akin to watching over 780,000 episodes of a typical 30-minute TV show. Point made? That is a lot of video content!

What conclusion do we make from this fact? That video has evolved into a cornerstone of corporate communication and a fundamental part of their strategy. 

Although we knew it before, organizations are aware of the fact that video offers a dynamic and impactful way to connect, engage, and educate, making it an indispensable asset in modern communication strategies.

Videos without Geographical Borders 

2023 saw users breaking down barriers by translating videos into languages from every corner of the world. Among these, Spanish, French, and Portuguese emerged as the most popular languages for video translation.

This feature, being one of Hour One’s most popular, exemplifies business’s unwavering commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Organizations are recognizing the necessity of engaging international and foreign audiences effectively. By offering content in multiple languages, they can tap into previously uncharted markets, broadening their horizons and connecting with diverse audiences worldwide.

This persistent use of translation highlights the understanding that accessibility and inclusivity aren’t just buzzwords but a key way for businesses to strengthen their brand engagement and promote an international presence.

Script Generator: The Unsung Hero

Our most-used feature? The Script Generator; utilized a whopping 13,789 times! It’s been the backbone of countless creative projects, helping to turn ideas into compelling narratives.

The Top Pick: Script Wizard

One feature that emerged as the true champion among our users is the ‘Script Wizard’ script generator. It wasn’t just a hit; it was the undisputed star, used an astounding 13,789 times. 

This statistic is more than just a number; it signifies a shift in perception. It highlights that people have realized that AI-driven tools necessarily don’t stifle creativity; they amplify it. With this tool, organizations have discovered the key to effectively conveying their messages.

What started as a popular trend in 2023 is now evident. The world is unmistakably heading towards a future where the enhanced use of AI technology, especially ChatGPT, is becoming an integral and transformative force in redefining how we communicate. 

The Highs and Lows of Creativity 

We found this one to be particularly fascinating. 

November peaked in video creation, while April experienced a notable decline. These fluctuations offer insights into the ups and downs of creative video endeavors.

After giving it some thought, one possible explanation for November’s surge in video creation could be seasonal factors. As the year approaches its end, businesses often gear up for year-end campaigns, product launches, or holiday promotions, which result in an increased focus on video content. 

On the other hand, April’s decline might reflect a period of relative calm or transition within organizations. After the intensity of year-end activities, April could be a time for reorganizing, strategic planning, or even reassessing creative direction, resulting in fewer video production efforts. 

Setting the Tone

And what’s a video without the right background music? 

“GoodDay” by LaneKing emerged as the most frequently chosen background music for Hour One videos.

There isn’t much to speculate about this choice other than the fact that most users were looking for a positive and uplifting melody to fit their narrative, leaving us to conclude that what brings people to Hour One is spreading good vibes.  

2023 –  That’s a Wrap

What’s Next?

With 2023 behind us, we are grateful for what was and excited about what awaits. With 15,000 new users over the past year, we are not only very proud of ourselves but also with high hopes for 2024. 

With lots in store and plans for some very cool additions and features, stay tuned because the best is yet to come. 

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