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How AI Avatars Can Drive Your Marketing Results Higher

How AI video can drive marketing to success

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As video marketing booms, more and more companies are looking for cost-effective, quick and scalable solutions that help them create compelling content. AI avatars offer a human face to your business with few pitfalls. Today, we dig deeper into this trend, and how it can work to your company’s advantage.

The Video Marketing Boom

While there are still benefits to other content types, video marketing has become the core of most online marketing: Research suggests 94% of marketers see a significant uptick in ROI as soon as they introduce active video to their content.

Part of this appeal lies in the fact humans are very visually motivated. With video you can tell complex stories in a format that’s easy to digest and retains the viewer’s focus. As a storytelling — and thus also a branding — device, it’s unparalleled.

Human-Centric Marketing Basics

Video marketing tools play a major role in the growing concept of human-centric marketing. Instead of focusing on the latest fad and expecting consumers to fall in line, here the process is reinvented to target their needs and what appeals most to them.

This means taking into account that which ‘speaks’ to the audience, meets their needs and concerns, and creates the most compelling human connection with them.

The human-centric approach allows you to effectively communicate messages in the way best received by the audience. Looking for inspiration? Here are some examples of videos that spoke to audiences through human-centric marketing.

The Presenter-Led Appeal

Almost any video marketing agency worth its salt can tell you that presenter-led video empowers human-centric marketing. From behind-the-scenes brand appeal to watching a knowledgeable expert breakdown product tips and tricks, people respond to the human element.

Sure, these needs can be targeted with brand messages and eBooks or blog posts, but it’s nothing like the immediate appeal of an engaged presenter leading you through what you need to know.

Again, some of this calls back to human evolution resulting in a sensitivity to noticing faces. Not only does this create a sense of interacting with ‘someone like us’, it also allows us to evaluate non-verbal communication and how it collaborates with what’s being said. This is why the phenomenon of pareidolia, the recognition of “faces” in inanimate objects, is so strong in humans. We are, quite literally, hardwired to respond to human faces.

So if you have a key marketing idea to present to staff in-house, or are trying to explain your product to prospective clients, a trustworthy and engaged human face gets the job done with far better trust.

Creating Cost-Effective Video Content with a Human Face

It’s simply not always practical to place a human in front of the camera. Even the most affordable video marketing services do not come cheap, and adding a face to the picture typically requires higher costs and a greater time investment.

In a marketing landscape hungry for fresh content, how do you balance these needs? A virtual human complete with the appropriate emotional responses and friendly face can be an ideal solution.

AI avatar video maker technology has progressed leaps and bounds in the past few years, specifically to fill this human-centric need in the marketing landscape. With the cutting edge of today’s fast-adapting AI technology, you can create marketing videos online in minutes from a pre-decided script — packed with the humanized, realistic face your brand needs — at a fraction of the cost of actors. Turning text into video has never been easier, faster, or more cost-effective.

The Real Deal with Hour One

If you’re looking for a reliable strategy for humanizing your content without blowing your budget or getting mired in long production schedules, then Hour One is exactly what your business needs: Not only is it one of the most popular AI video generators on the market today, but it emperors you with scalable, fast result.

You can, within minutes, turn your text-based script into a AI avatar video that sells. Whether for tutorials, branding, education, or to provide a compelling engagement with your audience, Hour One has the power to bring a range of virtual humans to life to help you get your message across.

Curious about how Hour One works? You can explore the tool on Hour One’s website, or get in touch with the Hour One team.

The modern marketing landscape demands cost-effective and flexible solutions that are easy to create, can scale with your business as it grows, and easily editable down the line. Allowing a virtual AI avatars to help create that connection you need with your audience is a sure way to stay ahead of other video content creators, and deliver a powerful brand experience.

Hour One is proud to offer the most appealing AI avatar video maker on the market at a fraction of the cost of other video products. If you’re ready to take your video marketing efforts to the next level, it’s time to embrace the power of AI technology for your own business.

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