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Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

ZIM tripled its training engagement rates, and doubled its completion rates.

ZIM’s strategy as a global niche carrier offers distinctive advantages to customers worldwide. It has created a smart, efficient network that ensures stable, reliable services; and it has made it its mission to focus on the needs of its customers, which stand at the heart of all its decisions.


Videos generated for mandatory compliance training courses


More engagement with training videos


The completion rate of compliance training thanks to avatar-led videos


Custom Assets

The Challenge


In the fast-changing shipping world, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services has set itself apart as an independent carrier with a fresh, unique approach. ZIM’s internal learning and development department needed to create more meaningful and engaging training programs. Since it’s proven that human figures generate more attention in learning settings, the team wanted to add a human element to their videos.

However, due to cost of hiring actors, filming equipment, studio time and video editing, traditional video methods were not feasible or scalable.

The Solution


ZIM implemented Hour One and began creating training videos with AI avatars. The team scripted each training session and then was easily able to copy/paste the script into the Hour One platform. From there it took only a few minutes to match the avatar to a voice and see the training come to life.

In order to understand how this solution was working, ZIM tracked video production rate, training engagement rate, and training completion rate.

The Results


ZIM produced 56 mandatory training videos in their custom branded video template in only a few months.

What’s even more important, is that the team noted the training video engagement rate tripled and the training completion rate doubled, thanks to the Hour One avatars.
To better understand what ZIM employees thought, the team also conducted a qualitative internal survey after the implementation of Hour One. Overwhelmingingly, the employees enjoyed the training videos and showed an increase in favorability.

As a learning department, we are constantly trying to develop more interesting and meaningful training solutions. It's known that human figures generate more attention to the learning product. The use of Hour One's avatars allowed us to achieve this goal without hiring an actor, paying for a day in a studio, a cameraman, etc. It was very cost-effective, and the response from employees was highly positive.
Ilana Kanter,
Training Specialist

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