Buzz Franchise Brands converted 38 courses from PowerPoint to video.

Buzz Franchise Brands is a fast-growing, multi-brand franchising company that builds companies that get people talking.


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The Challenge


With multiple franchise brands under their portfolio, Buzz Franchise Brands spends a lot of time developing training materials for franchisees, and keeping that material updated and engaging presented a challenge. Buzz was looking to update more mundane training presentations into more captivating training videos available in multiple languages, a task that would require many hours of preparation, coordination, and production.

The Solution


Buzz Franchise Brands converted itself to a state-of-the-art virtual video production company using Hour One. The company was able to support multiple brands and scale their services by easily rebranding and personalizing training videos for different audiences. Furthermore, updates within videos were easy to make to address ever-changing business needs.

The Results


After implementing Hour One’s AI video process, the company significantly enhanced its content creation capabilities. They produced over 2,160 hours of video content for various brands, transformed more than 40 training courses from PowerPoint presentations into engaging videos, and reduced production times from two weeks per video to just one hour. This marked improvement in efficiency and output highlights the transformative impact of AI in video production.

Hour One removes the need to choose between quality training and increasing the quantity of training. Being able to quickly rebrand, adjust languages, and select natural feeling avatars based on each audience.
Barbara Sisino
Director of Training and Onboarding Budd’s Franchise Brands

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Buzz Franchise Brands converted 38 courses from PowerPoint to video.
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