Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Get 30% OFF on all Business Plans

Medigate scaled its video production and global reach by 80%.

Medigate is a highly flexible solution that covers your entire healthcare cybersecurity journey.


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The Challenge


Medigate needed to better scale its education efforts and translate videos into multiple languages easily and effectively. 

Traditional methods of video creation were proving to be very cost and time consuming. Medigate needed results quickly.

The Solution


Medigate started by testing Hour One with just one seat. After seeing how many more product tutorials Medigate was able to produce, the company quickly scaled, adding 12 more seats to their account in 12 months.

The team was able to easily create professional scripts with the help of Hour One’s AI Script wizard, and translate that script into multiple languages instantly with the Instant Translation feature. 

Importantly, the AI avatars Hour One provides are hyper-realistic and the pre-designed templates are easy to customize and brand, so while Medigate was scaling its video efforts, it did not have to sacrifice quality.

The Results


Medigate results speak for themselves. The company produced 180 product tutorial videos, supporting Healthcare Customer Success, in their custom branded video template. 

Hour One accelerated the company’s video growth so quickly, that Midgate upgraded its Hour One account and added 12 additional seats, enabling the company to generate branded product tutorials over a 12-month period. 

Using Hour One’s instant translation, Medigate was able to produce, and scale, videos in multiple languages to reach global markets.

We use Hour One’s AI video platform to produce product tutorial videos in a highly efficient and scalable manner. In particular,  it helps us scale our education efforts by automatically generating presenter-led video in multiple languages, saving time on busy production work, and freeing teams to focus on more strategic work.
Amit Sedlinsky, VP of Customer Success

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