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AI-driven virtual newscasters and 3D newsrooms help DeFiance Media automate rapid content creation, saving 98% on production costs

DeFiance Media is the first digital video-first network, providing 24-hour broadcast coverage of decentralized culture, finance, and tech news.

The Challenge

DeFiance Media faced the need for a newscaster who would deliver a steady stream of news content throughout the day, in the form of immersive video segments — which would have been an impossible undertaking from a resource, timing, and cost perspective if attempting to use live human talent.

Hour One’s Solution

DeFiance cast “Roxy”, a custom virtual news anchor proprietary to the network, to deliver news stories daily, every 2 hours, year-round. In addition, Hour One created a bespoke custom virtual studio for around-the-clock news publishing. By simply entering text and visual media into Hour One’s Reals platform, videos are generated in minutes and ready to deploy across DeFiance’s TV and video network.



The Results

2.6K videos generated
DeFiance Media used Hour One’s technology to automate the creation of, over 2600 videos and counting — resulting in the highest volume of anchor-led news in history.

98% savings
Without the need to hire live anchors and crew, or to build or rent a studio, the instant savings by DeFiance Media were nothing short of a phenomenon.

Bespoke virtual newsroom
Fully custom 3D virtual newsroom based on DeFiance’s brand and vision for the future of news, available to them 24/7. Flexible range of scenes and automatically generated videos within minutes.



With Hour One’s AI avatar technology, we’re able to generate premium video from text, automatically and affordably, allowing us to keep pace with our audience’s need for rapid reporting.

Marc Scarpa,
Founder & CEO

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