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Why Are We Obsessed with Video & Social Media?

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Synthetic media is a next-generation synthesized technology that utilizes deep learning and machine learning to create media content. It is taking the world by storm!

Now It’s Easy to Create Engaging & Converting Multimedia Content

Instant video at your fingertips – what a concept! Thanks to breakthrough technology, it’s possible to create professional video presentations instantly. Synthetic media is a byproduct of deep learning technology – it’s the same stuff splashed across our screens in Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters. With synthetic media, it’s entirely possible to benefit from synthesized music, voice, and video presentations at the click of a button. It’s incredibly exciting!

Before this paradigm shift, professional videos were the express domain of big corporations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Today, this technology has been democratized for everyone to use at a fraction of the cost and time needed to create converting video content. Put differently, anyone can create insanely amazing cameo videos, training videos, or translator videos. It’s that easy.

For a detailed overview of this breakthrough technology, Samsung Next and its Synthetic Media Landscape 2020 makes for riveting viewing. Today, we’re going to whisk through the incredible benefits to your company, your employees, and your stakeholders with synthetic media. Important concepts such as NLG (natural language generation), avatar synthesis, sound & music synthesis, video synthesis, image synthesis, and mixed reality synthesis factor into this complex equation.

Get a Jumpstart Through Social Media Sharing

By now, you’re probably itching to understand exactly what the hype is all about. Marketing today is no longer about newspapers, magazines, flyers, and billboards – it’s about social media messaging. The greater the number of people engaging with your content online, the greater your exposure, the bigger your turnover, and the more high-profile your brand. It’s a numbers game. Even with the greatest products and services, a company will fail in the absence of an effective marketing strategy. Synthetic media can be your golden ticket!

Marketing pros maintain the age-old aphorism Content Is King. But these days, it’s no longer about dry text plastered onto a webpage. Nobody wants to be bored stiff scrolling through mounds of dry text. It’s about creating converting text in a video format with a photoreal presenter in real-time. We’re talking focused eye contact, speech clarity, and maximum immersion. That’s the trifecta for successful marketing.

When you make a video online in the traditional sense, it’s a mission. It’s a costly and time-consuming process, with takes and retakes, well into the early hours. Not so with synthetic media. Now, you can instantly make changes to videos with audio files and post edits. This means that text can easily be modified, without having to worry about shooting a new video. The industry is still in its infancy stages, but like any other technological innovation, it has untold potential when harnessed properly. Businesses now have creative license to propel their brand into the future with cutting-edge technology.

Why social media? Because everybody who’s anybody has a profile somewhere. YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and lots of others. It’s a happening scene. We’re all captivated by engaging video content. Digital creators and synthetic media are coming into their own, like ‘Miko and The Technician’, the embodiment of what is dubbed the creator economy. Thanks to synthetic media we can achieve extraordinary things.

Look Who’s Talking Now

Multi-language videos allow you to tailor your message to specific stakeholders. It’s the perfect vehicle for delivering laser-focused content to the right people. No miscommunication. Just flawless messaging. Companies that focus all their digital content on one language are sacrificing everyone else in the process. Ever heard the expression ‘Lost in Translation’ – that’s precisely what happens when communication breakdowns occur. Fortunately, next-generation technology has eliminated this obstacle. Increasing globalization has led to an uptick in demand for personalized content. We can cater to people in their mother tongue, by inserting video in presentation-style formats for training, onboarding, and product reviews. Now you’re winning the marketing battle.

Positioning Yourself for Success Across the World Wide Web

Today, companies can create persuasive videos in any language in minutes. With scores of video presenters and dozens of languages available, individuals and team members can instantly make studio-quality content. Beyond appearances, multimedia digital content is great for enhancing SEO. What does that mean in practical terms? Search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon Bing, Facebook, and Baidu et al allow people to search for content on the web. Traditionally, social media sites didn’t feature as search engines but they sure do today.

Videos are increasingly more important for search engine optimization purposes. Since search engine results are different in different languages, a tailored approach to each language will invariably boost your SEO ranking on all the popular search engines. As you increase your library of translated digital content, you bolster your ranking online. Imagine trying to decipher an unknown language? It’s quite a challenge! Even with Google translate, or other programs, nothing compares to a presenter-led video in a specific language. It’s the real deal, and it works. Expand the tent by including as many different languages as necessary to reach your stakeholders.

Synthetic Media operates at the forefront of our horizon. It is bringing the power of multilingual digital content to every SMB on the planet. Gone are the days when professionally-crafted videos were the express domain of Fortune 500 companies in their ivory towers. Now, anyone can create converting content and incorporate it into a presenter-led video for e-commerce, training, onboarding, learning, and so much more. It’s a tour de force in computing technology, available at a fraction of the cost of erstwhile legacy systems.

How Engaging Are Different Types of Online Media?

Would you be surprised to learn that video is 100% more efficient than standard text? If you are looking to engage stakeholders, stick to the audiovisual elements – that’s video. Our brains are hardwired towards movement and sound. Dry text may be the staple of academia, but it’s not our medium of choice with e-commerce, entertainment, and general interest. Multiple studies have been conducted over the years regarding how our brains process information. Our memories simply remember video far better than dry text. The simplest reason why this is true is immersion. Our sensory receptors go into overdrive when we are encapsulated in the video world.

We don’t only get to read about how something works, we get to see with our own eyes what’s going on. That’s the beauty of video. Instant video creation is a reality for companies everywhere today. We don’t need to rent premises at production studios to make a training video – powerful software allows you to create video online instantly. Once these videos are inserted into your website, they are like magnets for stakeholders. Given the choice between scrolling through text and clicking a play button, it’s a no-brainer. We are naturally inquisitive as a species. Videos pique our curiosity and get us to click, click, click. Think of all the ‘reels’ on Facebook, or trending videos on TikTok – they captivate our attention because we want to watch whatever it is that’s going on. Truth be told, we can’t help ourselves…

There’s an interesting concept known as bounce rate. This is the percentage of viewers on a specific website that click away from the website after viewing a page. If the bounce rate is high, you’re hemorrhaging traffic and losing market share. Explainer videos can dramatically reduce bounce rates and boost your sales at the same time. That’s right folks, we’re talking about trainers videos, cameo videos, and instant videos. Whenever prospects check out your e-commerce platform to determine whether you have something of interest to them, you’re far more likely to arouse their interest with video. With an average attention span of 8 seconds, we don’t have time to fixate entirely on text. If there’s a play button, somebody is going to click it. The goal is to grab your customer’s attention ASAP. That means like yesterday. Video has proven over and over to be the X factor in the equation.

Statistics suggest that professionally-made product videos, explainer videos, or informational videos on landing pages can cut your bounce rate by 34% +. The IoT is all about a digital experience. And that usually means video. We see it every day, for hours on end on our smartphones, tablets, phablets, wearable tech, TVs, and the movie theatres. Is it any surprise that we are drawn to engaging video content on e-commerce platforms too? Given a side-by-side choice – video or text – video wins out. Hybrid solutions with video and text overlays are equally popular and are reeling in prospects in big numbers. Ready to learn more about this rapidly developing industry? Stay tuned, we’ve got fascinating insights to share with you in our upcoming blog posts. This digital presentation is only just getting started!

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