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Why AI May Be the Answer to Video Scaling Challenges

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Video content is now the de-facto medium of choice for consumers and businesses alike. In the past six years alone, through 2021, online video consumption has spiked by 800%. As a marketing tool, video is second to none. Customers are less interested in reading mounds of text than they are in watching a professional one or two-minute video.

The marketing world understands the importance of this audio-visual medium, and we see evidence of this across the board.

Over 90% of B2B marketers use video content in their marketing campaigns, and 82% of them report that video yields good or excellent results. Cisco already predicted that video would account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.

The takeaway? If your company is not using video in your online marketing mix, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to reach & engage your customers.

There are many use cases for online videos in marketing initiatives:

  • Generate leads for your company
  • Introduce your company to the world
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders
  • Connect on a human level with customers
  • Boost brand awareness through the power of video
  • Different Types of Online Video Content

There are many different types of video content that you can use in your marketing campaigns, each with its advantages. The most popular variations of video content are:

Product Videos

Product videos showcase your products to stakeholders and explain how they work. They are a terrific way to introduce new products to customers, and businesses can also use them to teach customers how to use these products. They are interactive and educational videos.

Event Videos

Event videos are videos of your company’s upcoming events or past events, such as trade shows, conferences, or product launches. They are a fascinating way to give potential customers an up-close-and-personal look at your company and reveal to them what your company’s events are like.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are videos of customers talking about their personal experience with your company’s product or service. They are an effective way to show potential customers what real people think of your products or services, and they can help build trust and credibility.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are instructive videos. They provide short, animated content that explains a product or service clearly and concisely. These videos are ideal for introducing a new product or service to customers or for explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy for your target market to understand.

Brand Videos

Brand videos showcase your company’s culture, values, and products. When done well, brand videos are a unique way to introduce your company to potential customers, and to show them what makes your business unique. Once you establish a brand presence, this serves as a powerful marketing resource. However, for brand videos to work, they must tell a story. Therefore, they should be brief, captivating, memorable, and engaging.

How Can AI Help with Online Video Generation?

Growth in video marketing content is skyrocketing. Despite this, challenges remain. Companies need to invest ever-increasing amounts in their marketing budgets to power the video marketing boom.

It’s tough to produce compelling video content without the help of new-age technology. It takes tremendous resources to create a converting online video. Unfortunately, traditional means of online video generation are prohibitively expensive.

Audiences understand what they’re being fed through the usual marketing channels. Nobody wants to choke on brand-generated video content, but they are receptive to interactive, immersive, and transformative solutions.

Unprecedented growth in artificial intelligence technology and machine learning is the reason why online video content has changed for the better. It is now possible to streamline operations, cut costs, and scale video production simultaneously.

Added to that is generating targeted content for audiences based on a company’s tactical and strategic objectives. All of this can be done in a fraction of the time, using a smidgen of the resources.

There are myriad challenges that videographers have to face on a day-to-day basis. Consider all footage that needs to be edited to find the ideal content for a one-minute video. It’s mind-boggling, time-consuming, and expensive. Conventional resources reduce operational efficiency and push marketing deadlines further back.

Through its self-aware functionality and machine learning capabilities, AI is the X factor in the equation. Take a look at the many ways AI can enhance the quality of online video generation:

  • Automated Video Editing: Much of the grunt work in video editing is repetitive and time-consuming. With AI, this process is automatic, saving companies time and money.
  • Video Transcription: AI can automatically transcribe videos, which will make them easier to search and index. A big win! Video transcription will also make it easier for companies to track viewer engagement with their videos.
  • Predictive Analytics: AI is being used to predict how well a particular video will perform before it is even released. Analytics help companies make more informed decisions about which videos to produce.
  • Audience Engagement with Videos: AI can help companies better understand their audiences by analyzing viewer engagement with videos. This data can be used to produce more targeted content.
  • Video Marketing Campaigns: AI can optimize video marketing campaigns by predicting how well different videos will perform and providing insights into which videos are most engaging for viewers.
  • Automatic Video Generation: AI can automatically generate videos based on data collected from viewers. AI video generation helps companies to create more engaging and targeted videos at a fraction of the cost.

Beyond the basics, AI technology uses deep neural networks to generate metadata for various applications. AI automates repetitive tasks for maximum video optimization. Usually, video needs to be manually optimized for different devices and platforms, not with AI technology. A full suite of editing tricks is automatically corrected with AI technology such as color correction, skin tone matching, and seamless audio and visual elements integration in multiple languages.

Different Target Markets are No Match for AI Videos

A challenge when creating online video content is how best to target different geographic markets. The best way is in their native language. With AI hyperreal videos, it’s easy to generate original multilingual videos using synthetic characters. The dialogue matches the lip movements of the characters (people/presenters) in the videos. This is all synchronized with background melodies, music, or jingles to ensure harmony in each video production. The icing on the cake is generating all of this online video content at scale.

Many of the current AI-based technologies are in their infancy stages. Yet, the unparalleled advancements that we are witnessing are already delivering transformative solutions for the marketing departments of companies. Whether it’s human resources marketing videos, retention videos, onboarding videos, or training videos, the product speaks for itself. People are watching. Our curiosity is piqued, and we are more engaged with innovative marketing systems than ever before.

Nowadays, a growing number of broadcasters are incorporating AI technology into their daily operations. It’s powerful enough to reduce the number of required man-hours, thanks to things like unmanned acquisitions, cloud-based AI services, and robust algorithms for clip search and storage.

AI technology can analyze vast samples of audio-visual files and dramatically reduce the energy expended in the transcription process. Thanks to AI online videos, humans don’t have to perform repetitive tasks, allowing valuable human capital to be redirected elsewhere.

Innovative Technology Driving the Online Video Marketing Arena

For all of these reasons, presenter-led videos generate positive feedback from audiences the world over. At Hour One AI, we offer a range of video marketing services. We want to help you create powerful, persuasive videos that will help your company achieve its marketing goals. Ours is a team of experienced video professionals, producers, directors, editors, and out of the box thinkers who can help you create online videos that are high-quality and affordable.

Our transformative solutions are capable of creating online videos at scale. Our hyperreal presenter-led videos use synthetic characters virtually indistinguishable from human beings. Each rendition is delivered with poise and precision, customizable backgrounds, features, and functions.

Our all-in-one platform serves as the perfect launchpad to kickstart your online video marketing campaign.

Circle back to our blog for fascinating insights into presenter-led videos, synthetic characters, and artificial intelligence technology. We are just getting started, but look how far we’ve already come!

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