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What Are the Features of Highly Converting Video Presentations?

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Hosting a successful video presentation is no mean feat. Video has supplanted PowerPoint presentations and dry text. To engage audiences, it needs to be done right!

Best Features of Video Presentations

We watch so many video clips every single day, likely with little knowledge of what goes into making a successful video presentation. Get comfortable, we’re going to pull back the curtains for you. Together, we’ll learn about the features that make a video presentation successful. To achieve their goals, instant online videos often have to present complex content in an easy-to-digest way. Successful video presentations share many attributes, including the following:

  • They are brief
  • They are upbeat
  • They tell a story
  • They are engaging
  • They are presenter-led
  • They are easy to follow
  • They speak your language
  • They transmit messages clearly
  • They feature crystal-clear audiovisuals

It comes as no surprise that video is the de facto medium for reeling in the crowds. Video presentations have overtaken all other forms of marketing such as text, banners, flyers, billboards, et al as the most effective tools for relaying important and useful information. Audiences simply engage much better with video.

Of course, this only holds with well-produced online videos. As always, Content Is King. That’s why it is important to build a strategy based on strong foundations. The use cases for video presentations know no limits. Today, it’s possible to create instant online video presentations for multiple use cases including the following:

Common Features of Really Successful Video Presentations

Nobody wants to watch a boring video. That’s why it’s really important to make your video as engaging as possible. Presenter-led online videos are great for providing a clean, attractive face for your video. Today, online video presenters can be synthetic or real. It’s your call.

Audiences are far more likely to engage with a warm persona – so be sure to get the right presenter for your informational, training, or product & service videos. Great video presentations tend to have a much lower bounce rate than standard text on a webpage. That means your audience is much more likely to stay engaged with your company’s video presentation than dry text on a page.

Still with us? Let’s get the show on the road folks!

Statistics all point in the same direction: our attention span is short, really short! If your video presentation doesn’t hook the audience from the get-go, they may be lost forever. In social media, for example, attention span is measured in seconds. Facebook indicated that the average attention span for a video is two seconds. That means just 2 seconds into your video, prospects are going to be making decisions about whether to stay or navigate away.

An effective content management strategy coupled with savvy online video-making skills can craft a converting video. According to Nielsen Research (June 2017), in less than two seconds, 25% of purchase intent is generated, 23% of brand awareness is generated, and 38% of brand recall is generated. It’s fascinating stuff – you can do it too, we’ll show you how.

Brevity is an important component of successful videos, but it doesn’t tell the full story. For that, we need an unforgettable opening. Seems like a tall order, doesn’t it? Luckily, storytellers can capitalize on the one thing all humans have – emotion. A video is designed to evoke an emotional response from the audience. Think of moving video presentations – those that inspire you toward greatness, tug at your heartstrings, or propel you towards a much-deserved vacation.

One thing all these highly-converting videos have in common is their ability to awaken an emotional need within every one of us. To achieve these desired effects, video production experts rely on polished presenters, smart scripts, snazzy backdrops, crystal clear audiovisual elements, and out-of-this-world editing tools and resources. Sure, CGI effects and amazing transitions can take your video production to the next level.

Up until recently, video production facilities were the express domain of well-heeled companies. You know, those SMBs with multi-million dollar marketing and advertising budgets. Thanks to the liberalization of video production technology, courtesy of high-speed Internet, and amazing advancements, world-class videos can be created instantly on a single platform at a fraction of the cost. It’s all about connecting with the audience in a matter of seconds.

Presenter-led videos have the added advantage of putting a friendly face to your brand. The alternative is a narrator who talks in the background while the video presents valuable information to the customer. The right voice can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your online video presentations. Think of Sean Connery’s mellifluous Scottish accent, the Geico Gecko by Jake Wood, Mind the Gap by Emma Clark, Stephanie Courtney as Flo on Progressive Insurance commercials, or the amazing talents of voice actors Hank Azaria and Seth McFarlane to name but a few.

That’s the million-dollar question, and one we are glad to answer. Let’s rewind for a second to better understand how our brains process information. We know for a fact that visual data is processed much quicker than dry text. That’s why it’s much easier to create a persuasive presentation when visual cues are used. To this end, colors, shapes, symbols, graphs, charts, and movements are highly effective. We can evoke emotional responses in our audience when sounds are introduced into videos. The audio message can be reinforced with scrolling text to highlight key points. When viewed in perspective, these elements can combine to create a persuasive video presentation.

You don’t have to be a voyeur to watch videos, but watch we must. People love to click the play button – it’s ingrained deep into our psyche. Buttons have to be pushed, don’t they? Our natural curiosity drives us to click play. That’s why it’s so important to make a video presentation easy to watch, easy to share, and easy to act on. Nowadays, with more people working online than ever before we need content that’s easy to share. It’s a new-age economy where collaboration takes place from an anywhere office. Videos are an integral component of this collaborative and communicative network. There is no better way to present valuable information to stakeholders than video.

First things first, visualize the video. Viewers want to experience a fiesta of entertainment. It’s like candy for prospects. Naturally, video presentations will vary from one use case to the next. Still, the fundamentals must remain intact. Attractive templates, polished presenters, clear text, and maximum user-friendliness should guide the entire process. It’s especially important to project an air of self-assuredness, not arrogance in the video presentation. People want to learn about how things are done, how to improve, or what added value is being brought to their lives. During a standard video production process, there’s a lot of back-and-forth. This involves takes and retakes, editing, and other postproduction activities. These actions can slow the process down, and add significant costs to the equation. That’s why it’s really important to create a framework from ideation to creation.

If you’ve ever been on a movie set, in any capacity, you know that different colors often present problems on camera. That’s because the camera lens doesn’t see things the way our eyes do. For example, make-up artists are an absolute necessity to prevent shiny faces, shadows, or the effects of poor lighting on camera. Colors often create problems on camera – that’s why it’s never a good idea to wear all-black, bright red, or white. These colors play havoc with cameras. It’s better to wear colors that don’t glow, create a haze, or blur on screen. The right wardrobe should never detract attention away from the presenter’s face and the message – so choose carefully.

Don’t forget humor in your video presentations. We are all hyper-focused on professionalism that we forget about the importance of levity when we are interacting with one another. Humor breaks down barriers and allows our audiences to connect with businesses. All it takes is a split second to break the ice and warm the hearts of our audience. This approach is fantastic for onboarding recruits to a company, showcasing the merits of products and services, or presenting question-and-answer sessions. You see, there is limitless potential with video presentations.

Looking for some more great ideas? We’ve got plenty of incredible tasty tidbits available for your company and your stakeholders. Take a look at our blog posts and grow your company’s brand and market share through instant videos. Remember, everybody likes to watch!

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