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The Value of a Human-Centric Approach to Remote Communication

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In today’s age, more and more of our daily lives shift to being online. This shift includes not just people’s hobbies and interests but also businesses and jobs becoming more online-savvy. These days, if a business isn’t present online, they aren’t relevant to most consumers. Many companies have had to adjust or risk being left behind.

The shift to online communication means new strategies need to be implemented. The best way to reach your target audience is no longer using a newsletter and so forth. While these strategies still carry value, they’re overshadowed by online communication methods.

Video Marketing and Communication

One online marketing strategy that’s starting to pick up speed is video marketing. It has long since been an integral part of the marketing industry. There are also many different and new approaches. That’s partially due to the growth of technology. AIs (Artificial Intelligence) used in marketing have become common. Elements like AI videos and virtual human marketing have become more accepted.

It’s also an important element in communicating with your target audience. Face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible or feasible. Many companies started working remotely in the business industry. Their employees are connected using virtual spaces like Zoom, Google Workrooms, Discord, etc.

However, video marketing and remote communication cover a broad range of approaches. Video marketing can showcase your products and impart new information to the world. It can also reach out to your consumer base and interact with your target audience. The improvement of AI technology also makes remote communication easier. They can now use AI videos and learning and development reels.

4 Elements For Human-Centric Approach

One of the approaches a video marketing agency takes is the human-centric approach. People are the main focal point of marketing and communication in this approach. The business makes an effort to connect, empathize and deliver what its target audience wants. Thus it’s an approach that shows the brand cares about its customers and employees. It shows that they want to talk, listen and try to help their customers and employees.

This also creates a connection between employees and employers even when working remotely. It encourages a better understanding of each other. This improved understanding leads to better teamwork and interaction among employees. Building a bond of trust and honesty is always more valuable than one of indifference.

1. Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors is a concept that started by a brand employing an influencer to become the face of their brand. This influencer will promote the brand, bring in new customers, and live a lifestyle that fits the brand. Many businesses have also started looking into employee brand ambassadors. Employee brand ambassadors present a more authentic view of their brand.

Having brand ambassadors means having someone who knows the latest trends in interest and marketing reaching out to your consumer base. It creates a more personable experience for your brand, as clients can put a face to the brand. With the rise of AI, video marketing agencies also started branching out to having a virtual human as the brand ambassador or mascot of the brand.

2. Personalized Interaction

A human-led approach in marketing means that your interaction with your consumer base is more personal. One way is to use advertisement targeting methods to ensure your clients get marketing related to their interests. Often, it helps to do surveys or talk with your customers over social media to see where their interests lie. AI videos can also help gather information while being a fun feature for your consumer base.

You also encourage interaction between your employees, resulting in better working relations. Employees that feel they can trust their associates and employers tend to deliver a better performance overall. Further, building a relationship with your employees based on trust and honesty means they’re more likely to go the extra mile.

3. Communication and Empathy

When your clients communicate with the brand, they expect a real interaction that shows the brand’s empathy and feeling of “We’re also people.” It’s been shown that humans react better to real interaction, which proves the company cares about them and strives to talk, listen and help them. The brand’s empathy often attracts more customers while keeping existing ones loyal.

Not only is communication with your clients important, but also with your work team. Many companies use video marketing in the initiation and team-building events. They also use it to spread learning and development reels of the company goals and lifestyle within the company. Presenting empathy and personal communication ensures that your team works as a cohesive front. This remains true even if your team works remotely.

4. Narrative Based

People love stories, and what better way to tell a story than using a video. Video marketing is the ideal method to capture someone’s attention by telling them a story. This story can be about the brand’s origins or even the journey to creating new products. Using the narrative-based approach creates an interest in the brand, no matter what information is released.

Using narrative-based marketing makes the customers feel the brand is speaking directly to them. It’s effectively the brand inviting clients to learn more about their lifestyle, ideals, and products. It’s also an easy way to spread your story, as well as learning and development reels. A good video marketing agency will also use this approach to educate their employees on the brand’s goal and lifestyle and any other relevant information.

3 Benefits of a Human-Centric Approach

Taking a human-centric approach benefits not only the company’s relationship with its consumer base but also with its employees. If the core of your approach is showing empathy, it should be reflected throughout the entirety of this business. This empathy ensures the brand is authentic and makes you more personable to the general public.

While there are many benefits to customers having a human-led experience when interacting in any way with a company, we looked at the top three ones.

1. Identifies Key Areas in Need of Growth

When you take a human-centric approach, it’s important to know what your target audience needs and wants. Doing market research enables you to understand your target audience better and thus better interact with them. It can lead to your brand filling a niche in the market that was previously unknown. It also helps you identify any areas of your business and work environment that needs improvement.

2. Boosts Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Focusing on a human-led experience often means that your target audience has a better experience with the brand. Whether your target audiences are the customers or your employees, it makes them feel valued and understood. This is crucial to their satisfaction. Having satisfied customers often leads to boosted sales. On the other hand, satisfied employees lead to better work ethics, performance, and productivity.

3. Elevates Your Brand

The human-centric approach also has the benefit of elevating your brand above others. Make your target audience feel that you validate and recognize their concerns and needs. Ensure you do something about those concerns and needs. In the end, your empathic handling of them raises their estimation of the brand. Once they have a positive perception of the brand, the chances of them sticking to the brand above others are raised. This can also ensure you have long-living employees instead of having a quick turnover in employee figures.

Human-Centric Remote Marketing

When we’re talking about remote marketing, we’re really talking about remote communication. Because that’s what marketing is, a conversation between you and your target audience. To ensure the conversation is successful, you need to grab your target audience’s attention and show them you care about them and their needs.

The human-centric approach is the best way to convince not only your customers but also your employees that you care about their needs. Showing the brand to be empathy-driven is one of the best ways to create positive interaction between you, your clients, and your employees. There are many benefits to the brand having satisfied clients and employees. It proves that human-centric remote marketing is an important factor in any strategy.

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