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The power of AI in sales enablement

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Before we get into AI sales enablement, let’s start with a short anecdote that explains it all. Everyone is more effective when they have the right resources and support available to them. Take a chef, for example. Give the chef a knife, pot, and a stove, and you’ll get a meal. Give that chef a food processor, electric mixer, and dishwasher, and the food might be better and ready quicker.

The same goes for your sales team. The right tools make your team more effective and efficient. Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool to support your sales team and ultimately improve your bottom line. Read on to learn how to use AI for sales enablement.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is all about helping your sales team close more deals. It could include specific content, templates, knowledge, or other tools that help SDRs connect with potential customers and prepare leads to make a purchase.

A catchy explainer video about your product or service is a great example of sales enablement. In fact, 94% of sales professionals say videos create confidence in potential buyers so that by the time they talk to SDRs they already have knowledge and interest.
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How AI contributes to sales enablement

As products and services become much more intricate, the sales process is also becoming more complicated, especially in SaaS and other highly technical industries. To best serve each customer’s needs, SDRs need many more resources, including knowledge, content, information, tools, and time.

AI is perfectly equipped to provide SDRs with those resources and streamline sales enablement processes. AI sales enablement tools can help SDRs streamline lead pipelines, automate tasks, forecast sales, and help them access information in real time. It can significantly improve efficiency, saving SDRs tons of time that they can then invest in specific deal-closing activities.

Here are the top 3 key benefits of AI for sales enablement.

Enhancing sales strategies

One of the robust capabilities of AI is its ability to analyze huge amounts of data and make predictions and recommendations based on forecasts and other factors. AI can analyze historical data and identify trends to help you align your sales strategy according to what works best. With AI, it’s easier to recognize opportunities and figure out how to take advantage of them.

Improving customer engagement

AI can predict where leads and customers are in their customer journey and identify what they will best respond to. With AI, your sales team can provide customers with the right content at the right time to keep them engaged and happy. Generative AI for sales enablement also allows for greater personalization when serving customers, which is another way to connect with customers and build long-term loyalty.

Boosting sales efficiency

How much time do SDRs spend on backend tasks? With AI, many of these tasks can be automated and streamlined. AI tools can automatically route leads to the right person based on priority, an SDR’s specialty, or any other defined criteria. AI can also help SDRs access specific content or templates that they might need in real time, saving them from needing to search and ensuring they have the best information at their fingertips.

Examples of AI sales enablement

AI can help SDRs across many different processes and workflows. Here are a few top examples of how SDRs can use AI sales enablement.

  1. Lead qualification

Lead qualification is all about determining how hot a lead is. This requires significant analysis of the customer’s activities and characteristics. While SDRs can qualify leads via cold-calling, sales enablement AI can automatically qualify leads based on historical data, activities, and trends. This saves SDRs a ton of time, letting them focus on the most valuable leads who are likely to make a purchase.

  1. Content creation

While your organization probably has tons of sales content available, personalized content is more likely to be effective. With generative AI, SDRs can use a few prompts to create personalized videos, emails, and other content based on what a customer will best respond to. This is also useful if you have international customers all over the globe. Your SDRs can use an AI video translator to translate any video into a customer’s preferred language. Customers appreciate the personalized touch, making them more likely to connect with your brand.

  1. Process automation

AI can take over time-consuming tasks like populating sales data into your CRM and other tools or generating reports. AI can automate repetitive tasks, populating data as necessary and creating new reports periodically. Another benefit of using AI for specific back-end processes is that it can eliminate human error and even identify possible errors in real time.

  1. Training sales teams

AI can train new SDRs on your organization’s sales workflows and their specific responsibilities. For example, you could use generative AI for sales enablement to develop an onboarding video series that will get all new SDRs up to speed and ready to start serving your customers.

Integrating AI into your sales enablement efforts

As with any new tool or process in your organization, integrating AI into your sales enablement efforts can take time and training. You might want to start by using one AI sales enablement tool. Once your SDRs master it and experience the benefits, they’ll be excited for more. They’ll see how much more time they have, how their closing rates have jumped, and will be ready to further increase their productivity and effectiveness.

As with any big changes, some employees might be skeptical about integrating AI into sales enablement. Employees might be concerned about the ethical aspects of data security or they may worry about their job security. It’s important to address these concerns and implement initiatives to protect data and promote ethical AI use.

It’s also important to assure employees that AI is a tool to help them perform better. AI cannot replace human expertise, it can only provide aid when AI-savvy employees know how to use its capabilities.

Personalize sales enablement videos with Hour One

Content is a huge part of sales enablement. In particular, videos can help potential buyers along their customer journey. You can use AI tools to create these videos, saving you significant time, resources, and funds. AI also allows you to personalize these videos for different customers based on where they are in their journey and their specific needs.

Hour One is a robust AI video creation platform for SDRs to create quality sales enablement videos. With more than 100 lifelike and professional AI avatars that can represent your sales team, you can make videos that leads and customers will engage with. If you have customers around the world, you can translate these videos in minutes into more than 100 different languages. Hour One also allows you to choose the accent and tone, ensuring your videos best suit your viewers.

With tons of templates, you can create a video for your use case in seconds. Just customize and add your brand for professional and distinct content. You can also upload your own script and visuals to make the video more unique. You have tons of options with Hour One’s simple editing tools.

Videos made with Hour One’s AI platform can boost customer retention and increase sales while allowing you to scale video production without compromising on quality.

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