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Transforming Enterprise Workflows with Gen AI

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As technology evolves, not only is the work we do changing, but so is how we do that work. Enterprise workflows are the procedural aspects of how we work and what tools we use to get things done. If your organization has been using the same processes and tools for years, you are wasting time on things that could be automated with generative AI.

Understanding Gen AI

You’ve probably heard about gen AI or generative AI a lot in the last year since ChatGPT took the world by storm. Gen AI is an artificial intelligence technology that can create content including text, imagery, audio, and more. One of the exciting things about gen AI is that it is simple, and fast, and it creates high-quality outputs.

Generative AI vs. Traditional AI

Before we dive into it, let’s start with the basics. If you already know this part feel free to skip ahead.

Generative AI is a big advancement from traditional AI, which is already a big part of enterprise workflows. Traditional AI is great for analyzing data and predicting outcomes based on historical patterns and use cases. Traditional AI is generally based on numbers and numeric data, but can also provide basic textual outputs.

Gen AI, on the other hand, is much more flexible and can create new situational content.

Traditional AIGenerative AI
InputsSpecific dataAnything on the internet
How it computesUses pre-defined algorithmsUses context and application
Self learning propertiesTrained from specific inputsLearns from experience and context
OutputsCharts or other applicationsNew content in any media

Traditional AI is great for recognizing patterns and responding based on analyzing those patterns; while generative AI can create new content based on prompts.

Still with me? Ok, great! 

Examples of Generative AI

Generative AI is making its way into many everyday processes and tasks. Here are a few examples.

  • Amazon’s Alexa has been getting many new generative AI features allowing users to have conversations and make more specific requests.
  • ChatGPT is OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot that can be used for answering questions, creating blogs, brainstorming, and more. It responds conversationally based on what prompts are typed in.
  • Hour One is a gen AI video creator that helps users make videos with hyper-realistic AI avatars. All users need is a script and the platform can add visuals, narrate, translate, and create your entire video A-Z in one platform.

6 ways gen AI improves enterprise workflows

Generative AI is positioned to disrupt enterprise workflows with huge efficiency improvements. Gen AI workflows assist humans in many tasks and help businesses thrive in our increasingly connected world.

Here are the 6 top ways gen AI can benefit the workplace.

  1. Automate manual processes

With user-defined algorithms that provide specific objectives and inputs, gen AI can automate many processes in enterprise workflows. For example, if your organization often has to extract information from invoices or forms to populate a database, gen AI can do this for you.

Alternatively, if you have leads added to a CRM, gen AI can figure out how hot these leads are and how to route them in the customer journey. Almost any manual processes can be streamlined somehow how gen AI.

  1. Jumpstart creativity

Many people believe that there is no place in the creative process for gen AI, but this isn’t true. While gen AI cannot completely replace the creative process it can be great for jumpstarting the process. If you’ve ever started a creative project, whether that means developing a new feature, content, or marketing campaign, you know that getting started can be tough. 

Gen AI content creation can help brainstorm or provide a basic first draft that can inspire the creative process and help you develop ideas you may not have thought of previously.

  1. Error detection

Unfortunately, with humans, there is always the potential for error. Gen AI can constantly review information to detect possible errors in real time, suggest solutions, and even automatically make corrections.

This can reduce the need for manual intervention and reduce any potential constraints or liabilities that might stem from errors that might fly under the radar.

  1. Suggest improvements

Gen AI is also great at suggesting improvements. You might use gen AI to figure out how to improve your marketing, your content, sales workflow or any other workflow. Gen AI can give you new ideas that you may not have thought about yourself.

  1. Improve decision-making

The best decisions take into account significant data along with experience and external factors. Gen AI can analyze these parameters in real-time to aid with decision-making.

Gen AI can provide advice for big business decisions or be given autonomy to make decisions on its own about tasks, priorities, or other process routing issues. This is a great way to make your business responsive to changing conditions.

  1. Personalize user experience

For both your employees and your customers, gen AI can personalize certain processes. For example, your employees might benefit from personalizing certain workflows according to their preferences. On the other side, your customer experience can greatly benefit from personalized support.

Preparing for a Gen AI-driven future

While gen AI is reshaping the workplace, it will never replace human expertise. To make the most out of gen AI, you need to figure out how your employees can best harness AI to improve their workflows. You might shift what you’re looking for in the hiring process or you might provide specific training to teach your employees how to use different gen AI tools.

A gen AI enterprise is one where employees know how to make the most of the tools available.

Using Hour One’s gen AI video solution in enterprise workflows

Hour One is an innovative gen AI video creation platform that can help streamline many different enterprise workflows. The platform allows you to create studio-quality videos with AI avatars in minutes. 

Creating these videos the old-fashioned way with studios, voice actors, and highly technical editing equipment requires a huge investment of time, money, and resources. With gen AI, these videos can be created with just a few clicks on a computer.

Hour One has a huge library of templates for different use cases to help users get started. You can use these templates as is, customize them according to your brand, or create your own videos from scratch with a script and a few visuals. Hour One’s gen AI video maker is a great tool to support creativity while streamlining manual processes.

Hour One is a great gen AI tool for international businesses. Videos can be created in more than 120 different languages using more than 200 different voices, helping businesses reach and connect with customers around the globe.

If you’d like to upgrade your enterprise workflows with gen AI content creation, start a free trial of Hour One.

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