Defiance Media & investor Tim Draper launches AI digital twin program

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DeFiance TV, the 24-hour global AI-powered broadcast and FAST network dedicated to news and entertainment for the new economy, is pleased to announce its partnership with Draper TV and “Draper Decentralized,’ hosted by the “digital twin” of Tim Draper. The news-style program will highlight exclusive daily coverage of artificial intelligence and financial technology news and educate DeFiance’s viewers as it explores the often complex world of Bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs, and alternative assets for both cryptocurrency newbies and enthusiasts.

Draper Decentralized features episodes premiering daily on that will repeat every two hours. These one-minute “minisodes” are available on demand via both and

Explained Tim Draper of the program and its technology: “Draper TV is cutting new ground with my digital twin and our new show, “Draper Decentralized.” We will be broadcasting fascinating news about innovative companies, products and services that may have profound effects on our lives. Our content will include artificial intelligence, bitcoin, computational biochemistry, space and transportation advances. I expect my digital twin to be smarter and better looking than I am, and I look forward to seeing its evolution.”

Sarika Batra said of the production: “This is the future of ‘television’ and we’re pleased to be blazing a trail with Draper Decentralized on DeFiance and Draper TV. The digital twin will one day be ubiquitous; willing participants in this journey will remember how it started. It’s exciting—and we are happy that we get to be a pioneer in this space.”

DeFiance founder Marc Scarpa stated: “We are thrilled to bring ‘Draper Decentralized’ to our connected TV audience of 150m HH globally. Tim is an icon investor and a maverick entrepreneur in his own right. This new program will be a welcome addition to our existing innovative format AI digital twin news program, DeFiance Daily. With such potential, it’s bound to become a hit!”

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Source — LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 26, 2024 / —

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