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Best AI products for 2024 by G2

Best AI products for 2024 by G2

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2024 is the year of AI. After ChatGPT exploded last year, hundreds of new products are popping up that use AI to streamline every type of process. We’ve gathered the top ten AI products you should check out this year.


Kore.AI helps companies harness the power of AI through their no-code platform. Whether companies want a virtual customer assistant, or to leverage AI for any other business application, Kore.AI has the solution. Companies can tailor pre-built use cases or build their own interactions from the ground up. The flexible tool allows customers to choose which language learning model and infrastructure best works for them.


Intercom enhances customer support with AI. The platform streamlines repetitive tasks and questions, freeing up team members to focus on high-priority issues. With Intercom, customer support teams can proactively help customers solve issues before they arise, resolve quick questions with a chatbot, and maximize productivity with a fast shared inbox. The sophisticated AI-powered chatbot, named Fin, provides accurate answers based on a company’s support content and can triage complex issues to hand off to team members. Companies can create no-code automations to program how the chatbot interacts with team members, customers, and other bots.


Conversations create customers and Drift helps companies manage conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The AI-powered engagement platform listens, understands, and learns from potential customers to create personalized experiences for each one to help move them through the sales funnel. Whether this means greeting website visitors in a friendly manner and helping them find what they want, or qualifying potential customers for more targeted interactions, Drift improves the customer experience and speeds up sales cycles.


Birdeye is a reputation management platform that helps businesses improve their online listings and enhance their customer experience. With tools to improve search rankings and generate and respond to reviews, Birdseye ensures companies have a top-notch online footprint. The platform also helps companies maintain customer relationships by simplifying customer conversations across different channels and managing feedback. The platform offers AI-powered insights to measure sentiment and benchmark performance against competitors.

Vertex AI

With Vertex AI, companies can build and use generative AI solutions. The managed machine learning platform offers access to Google’s Gemini multimodal models that can understand virtually any input including text, images, videos, and code. The platform can also combine different types of information and generate almost any output. Vertex AI users get access to 130+ generative AI models and tools to make developing machine learning code and workflows easier. The platform also includes Vertex AI Workbench, a close-based integrated development environment, to accelerate development and get models ready for use faster.


Based in Brazil, Pareto is an all-in-one data automation platform that helps complete manual data and analytics processes. The company created the TimeBack market and Tess, the AI professional assistant, and offers more than 600 connectors to ensure all company data can be integrated with one click in their Automation Store or with low-code SQL. Once data is integrated, it is displayed in an interactive and customized dashboard. The company has also developed an anomaly detector, which can detect and alert team members about problems before they arise.

Hour One

Creating cinematic AI avatar videos takes minutes with Hour One. The generative AI platform helps companies produce high-quality, impactful, and engaging videos without any designing or editing. With realistic human AI video avatars, text-to-video, instant translation, language detection, and automatic editing capabilities, Hour One saves companies hours of time and money, while helping them produce more quality videos. Whether companies are creating videos to train their team members, market their products or services, engage with potential customers, or offer support, Hour One ensures the message gets across in a smart and interesting way.


Qualified helps companies engage website visitors and guide them into the sales pipeline with live chat, chatbots, meeting scheduling, marketing offers, and intent data. The AI-powered pipeline cloud platform helps companies identify the most valuable website visitors and embark on a mission to convert. This is done either by answering questions via the friendly chatbot or live chat, or allowing leads to schedule with a team member. When appropriate, the platform can offer personalized deals for quick conversions. The platform also offers a Signals AI Predictive Model that combines first-party website engagement, third-party research intent data, and Salesforce data to identify where buyers are in their journies so companies can tailor engagement.


Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that helps users turn text into studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceover in minutes. Users create a script or generate it from a link, or document, or use AI to develop the idea, and then the platform works its magic. Users can design the video with AI avatars, colors, fonts, and layouts that match their brand and even collaborate with team members who can all edit and share feedback. The platform offers more than 120 languages and more than 140 AI avatars so users can create inclusive and diverse videos for their audiences. Synthesia focuses on training videos for learning and development, sales enablement, customer service, information security, and marketing.


ChatGPT sparked the AI revolution and it’s still one of the top tools today. Users can ask any question in the chat and receive a conversational answer. The dialogue format is great for follow-up questions, clarifications, and challenges to the prompts. This AI-powered chatbot is based on a large language model and can create versatile responses. Users can ask for information, request the creation of content, seek business ideas, and more. The model has also been trained to act like a human, meaning it can admit mistakes, reject inappropriate questions, and respond colloquially the way a human would.

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