Create Professional
AI Generated Videos

Save time and money by turning any content into high quality, presenter-led videos in minutes. No editing or design skills needed.

Easily Create Engaging Videos at Scale

Produce high-quality videos without the need for professional videographers or expensive equipment.

Higher Engagement
Create customized videos and boost audience engagement.
Enhanced Communication
Create engaging multilingual videos for a global audience with localized content.
Cost & Time Efficiency
Automate video creations by eliminating physical sets, actors, and production crews.
Unlimited Growth
Scale video production effortlessly, ensuring consistent branding.

All in One AI Video maker

Easily Create professional videos with our AI-powered Tools

Enter a single line of text to generate a video using our Video Wizard.

Create top-quality videos with no editing skills.

Use realistic virtual human AI Video presenters, or create your own custom character.

Choose from 60+ languages with 200+ accents.

Invite and collaborate with teammates.

Narrate your videos, or clone 
your voice.

Customize your video with your brand logo, colors, and more.

Create top-quality videos with no editing skills.

Integrate Hour One’s API with your product programmatically or generate a video with a simple code.

Turn presentations, prompts
or text into AI videos in minutes

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