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The future of learning: Berlitz leverages AI-powered virtual language instructors to achieve unprecedented scalability and efficiency in course creation

150-year-old Berlitz has long been established as the world’s premier provider of language training and cross-cultural services.

The Challenge

With expansive learning modules in almost every spoken language, Berlitz needed to digitize their instructor-led methodology. Text-based lessons were not a viable alternative, as they are not nearly as engaging or effective as face-to-face audio and video presentations. However, the traditional method of filming their instructors using standard video production proved time and cost-prohibitive, especially at high volumes.

Hour One’s Solution

To address this challenge, Berlitz turned to Hour One’s AI-driven process for creating 8 proprietary virtual human instructors for their video classes.

Using Hour One’s unique methodology of converting text-based lessons to instructor-led videos, Berlitz was able to rapidly scale up their language training offerings while still preserving the invaluable human instructor experience.

The Results

20,000 language learning videos created in 4 languages
Ready to be scaled to 56 languages at any moment

Resources of one year saved
By switching from traditional video production to Hour One, Berlitz bought back a full year’s worth of employee time and resources.

Turing Test Passing
The quality of the characters and narration in Berlitz videos are virtually indistinguishable from real humans.



Berlitz has built our methodology and brand on delivering the best outcomes for students serious about fluency, which requires a very human-centric experience. Our digital experiences had to replicate the classroom experience. Doing that successfully means Berlitz can extend our reach into new markets, and be more accessible to students, removing barriers of location and affordability.

Curt Uehlein,
CEO, Berlitz

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