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Turn text into video with Hour One AI Video generator

Instantly turn your text into high-quality videos narrated by a virtual human, for any need and in any language — more than 60 voice options available

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The videos you'll see below were entirely created with Hourone.
Without cameras, actors, microphones, Camtasia, or Premiere Pro.


Why users love Reals

Hour One’s Reals platform provides you with all the tools needed to generate studio-grade video, automatically.


It has never been easier and faster to create videos in multiple languages. Select from over 60 voices in our library add your text and that’s it.


Pick a virtual human character from the fast-growing lineup to give your video the look you want:

Voice Library

Choose from different languages, voices, tones, cadences, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination for your character:

Video layouts

Want some scenes to include media, and others — just a presenter? Pick the right layout for each scene to give your video the polished appearance you’d like:

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Partner Program

HourOne provides the technology and flexibility to deliver humanized video
production at scale and aligns with each customer’s production scope and
budget requirements. Become a partner and grow together with us.

HourOne offers three
partner programs:

Affiliate Partners

Recommend, refer or integrate with
HourOne. Become an affiliate partner and
get up to 20% commissions

Earn a commission for customer referrals.
Use your unique affiliate link to track
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creators or syndicators.

  • 20% commission on all plan payments
    within the first 12 months
  • 60-day cookie
  • Marketing materials

Solution Partners

Integrate HourOne as part of your service
offering to your clients. Introduce HourOne
to your customers and earn revenue for
every customer joining HourOne. Designed
for agencies and consultancies.

  • Deal Registration
  • Dedicated Partner Manager

Technology Partners

Integrate with HourOne to expand your
product capabilities and tap into new
revenue opportunities.

  • Integrate with the HourOne API to enable the creation of professional-looking videos by adding a few lines of code.
  • Developer Support

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