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Hourone’s human AI presenter technology could be a great fit for your organization. Imagine, turning any text or presentation into engaging videos to educate and train your employees featuring human AI presenters.

Case Study


Berlitz Leverages Hour One to Scale Instructor-led Learning and Digitally Transform its Business

AI-Generated Video with Photoreal Presenters Enables Berlitz to Reach New Market Segments and Increase Access to its World-Class Methodology, without Sacrificing the Human Experience.

Some benefits to consider

  • Fast – Leverage AI presenters instead of film crews, actors, designers
  • Flexible – Immediately update and change any scene (avoid reshoots)
  • Resourceful – Instantly turn dull PPT and Text files into engaging videos
  • Cost efficient – Significantly reduce video production cost
  • Multi-lingual – Easily create videos in any language and with different voices
  • Scalable – Limitless video creation at scale
  • Engaging – Experience increased content engagement

Here’s why companies have chosen Hourone
as their human AI presenter technology

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