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Turn any text into an engaging video for your business, instantly.

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Learning and Development

Dive into a new era of instruction with Hour One's virtual human avatars. Make product tutorials a breeze, speed up sales training, uncomplicate compliance, inspire employee growth, and enhance call center skills with captivating, tailor-made, and quickly-produced video content. Learn more

Video Marketing

Stand out from the crowd with virtual human characters and customizable video templates. Showcase your brand with AI-powered characters that capture attention, increase engagement, and drive sales. Learn more

Human Resources

Bring a fresh and personal touch to your HR practices, creating memorable experiences for your team and future talent. Upgrade your HR game with Hour One's virtual human avatars. Learn more

3D News

Grab the competitive edge with rapid first-to-air updates, enjoy the convenience of a tailor-made virtual newsroom, and captivate your audience with your very own AI-powered anchors in 30+ languages. Learn more


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More Use Cases

Create Your Own Character
on the Reals platform

Bring your own characters to present your brand


What’s under the hood
Use Reals create amazing presenter-led videos in high-quality with little to no time:

Character Library

We provide +100 characters to choose from and are continuously adding more. You also have the ability to bring your own characters.

Video templates

Apply one of our many layout templates to give your video the slick and professional look. We made it easy to create studio quality videos.

Languages Library

It has never been easier and faster to create videos in multiple languages. Select the languages from our library add your text and that’s it.

Voice Library

Choose from different voices, tones of voice, fluence, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination for your characters.

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