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Become a super-communicator.
Automatically convert text to video in minutes.

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Deploy your virtual human to:

Have your virtual twin deliver content on your behalf
Automate video creation with your virtual twin, so you don’t have to. Always look your best when communicating with teams or customers.

Speak languages you don’t know
Your virtual twin can speak any language under the sun – so you can localize communications for global teams and reach new customers.

Offload monotonous work
Your virtual twin is highly efficient! Have it generate and feature in hundreds of videos to personalize communications tailored to individual colleagues or customers.

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Your Virtual
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everything you need to create, manage and deploy your virtual human!


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No problem! Choose from one of 150 virtual humans available on the platform today!


It has never been easier and faster to create videos in multiple languages. Select from over 60 languages in our library add your text and that’s it.

Characters Library

Select from a vibrant selection of AI-powered photorealistic virtual humans to narrate your videos — or create your own:

Voice Library

Choose from different voices, cadences, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination for your characters.

Video templates

Apply one of our many layout templates to give your video a slick and professional look. We made it easy to create studio-quality videos.

3D environments

Imagine unlimited opportunities
to say it with a video

With our Reals platform, turn any text into an engaging video
for your business, instantly.

News OLD

Run your own news studio: Automatically convert text-based news to studio-grade videos in over 35 languages near-instantly. Complete with virtual news anchor and studio. Select from a variety of virtual anchors and 3D news environments — or customize your own. Learn more


Convert all your text-based learning materials within minutes into engaging and effective teacher-led videos.

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