4 Steps to Create Automated Videos with AI

For a long time, artificial intelligence was a developing technology for the not-too-distant future. With the unveiling of consumer applications in generative AI, It has finally become a practical solution for the here and now. Generative AI programs have captured the imagination of consumers and businesses alike as countless potential uses start to unfold before us—including automated production of the most popular form of online content, video.

The global AI market is currently valued at more than $136 billion. It’s expected to expand at an impressive rate of over 37% annually from now until 2030. This remarkable surge can be explained by the vast number of use cases for current AI technology, especially generative AI.

Generative AI makes it possible for:

  • businesses to deploy sophisticated chatbots for sales and customer service applications
  • translate different languages quickly and effectively to facilitate global communications
  • instantly produce high-quality text, graphics, and video content for marketing and educational purposes. 

YouTube creators are already using AI to create engaging, informative videos without ever stepping in front of a camera.

Using popular generative AI tools you can automate the entire video production process from start to finish. This guide will show you the four steps to creating AI videos for any use case.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a term for an AI program that can create synthetic content such as text, images, audio, programming code, or video.

Generative AI programs are “trained” on vast data sets that include examples of the type of content they will be expected to create. The program operator provides a prompt, and the AI uses it to synthesize a new and original piece of content from the many examples it has been trained on.

ChatGPT is a language generation AI that has been making waves recently because of its ability to produce sophisticated pieces of written content, including fiction and poetry. It can also write video scripts, which makes it a great solution to pair with an AI video generator like Hour One’s Reals.

AI video generators are designed to take text-based content—a script, a blog post, or even a few written paragraphs—and automatically combine them with graphics, stock footage, music, voiceover, animated presenters, and other content elements to produce polished, high-quality video.

While AI video generators can produce videos from any text, an actual formatted video script can help you define the structure and pacing of the finished video ahead of time.

How are creatives and businesses using generative AI?

Businesses and creative professionals can use generative AI in any situation that requires original or reworked content. One of the most important advantages of AI-generated content is that it is produced almost instantly, making it endlessly scalable and allowing for a broader range of customized or niche content.

Generative AI can absorb and synthesize patterns observed from millions of source content examples. This feature gives it tremendous potential to produce accurate, realistic, and aesthetically pleasing renderings of any media type.

While innovative new uses for generative AI are discovered every day, here are a few of the more frequently-seen applications:

  • Automating content generation for blogs, social media, and marketing materials
  • Responding to customer inquiries via chat or email
  • Personalizing content for specific audience segments or individual customers
  • Improving the quality and diversity of preexisting content
  • Translating content into different languages

Generative AI is also being employed in healthcare, finance, restaurants, education, corporate training, scientific research, computer programming, and many other fields. The AI revolution is beginning now, and it won’t be long before it permeates every professional endeavor.

Benefits of AI for Video Creation

Because manual video creation processes can be very labor intensive, AI is taking hold as an effective and affordable solution for producing video content.

Traditional video production has a lot of moving parts. You need to create scripts and storyboards, hire performers and crew, rent or buy cameras and other expensive equipment, and shoot your raw footage. Then you have to add music, graphics, and effects and edit your video into a final cut. AI video generators can handle every element of this process independently.

Like any generative AI tool, all an AI video generator needs is a prompt: a block of text that tells it what the video is supposed to be about and what important points it needs to cover. Tools like ChatGPT can assist with this crucial step by creating detailed scripts that provide a complete structure for the AI video generator to follow.

Once the AI video generator has a text prompt, it can create all of the footage and even add lifelike virtual presenters to deliver lines and narration with a relatable human touch. AI video generators can be configured to follow preset templates and include transitions, visual effects, infographics, music, and every other element that goes into a professional video production.

Best of all, AI video generators are as scalable as you need them to be. You can quickly produce hours of video content at the press of a button and effortlessly customize them or translate them into different languages as needed.

4 Steps to Create Automated Videos with AI

Here’s how to use the latest generative AI tools to easily automate video production for any use case you can imagine. The following four steps will show you how to create videos using Hour One’s Reals and ChatGPT.

1. Select a Video Template

Video content is excellent for news, marketing, employee training, product guides, e-learning, and many other use cases, but you wouldn’t want all of those different video types to follow the same format. Before beginning production, choose a layout style and template in Reals that fits your video’s purpose, keeping the needs and expectations of the target audience in mind.

This initial step is also a good time to select the music, graphics, and effects you will incorporate.

2. Create a Video Script with AI

A good AI video generator can produce an engaging video from an article, blog post, or any other reference document, but creating a script specifically for this purpose will help you create a detailed and well-structured video that meets your exact requirements. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to use an AI language generation tool like ChatGPT.

The key to using ChatGPT to create great scripts is to give it suitable prompts. Writing good prompts for generative AI tools is practically an art form in itself and has a considerable impact on the quality and accuracy of the output. With a little practice, it’s not difficult to get ChatGPT to write a terrific script, and you can find online guides for writing optimized prompts.

One tip to remember is that if you’re creating a longer (over 5 minutes) video, break it down into outlined sections and prompt ChatGPT to write each section separately.

Once your script is complete, upload it to Reals.

3. Choose a Virtual Presenter

It’s possible to make an informative video that’s “faceless,” using text captions or voiceover narration, but your viewers are people—and that means they’re going to find other people more compelling. Most videos are better at holding attention when there’s a friendly face presenting the content.

A great thing about AI video generators is that they can be presented by just about any kind of person you want. Our solution includes an extensive library of engaging characters who can deliver any type of video content. You can even record and upload an actual person to use as a virtual presenter.

Virtual presenters never miss a deadline, never need a lunch break, and you can utilize as many as you need to reflect your audience’s diversity and preferences.

4. Generate the Video

The next step is easy—press the button and let the AI video generator create your finished product. You’ve given it all the resources and direction it needs, and it can handle the rest from here.

You can, of course, make edits, change up the effects and multimedia elements, and add captions if you like. You can also have the AI video generator produce customized alternate versions of the video in no time at all and see how it looks delivered in another language, led by a different presenter, or with any other variations.

Once satisfied with the video, you can upload it to your hosting platforms of choice and share it with its intended audience.

Make Great Video Content with AI

The ability to leverage the power of generative AI has made video content production simple, fast, affordable, and, most importantly, totally scalable. Video has the furthest reach of any online content, and AI tools allow you to create as many videos as you need for any topic, customized to any level of specificity.

No matter which video uses you’re considering, Reals by Hour One is an ideal AI-powered video creation platform for any situation. With ChatGPT writing the scripts and Hour One’s Reals generating the finished video, any business can operate its own fully automated AI video studio. Try creating a video with Hour One and ChatGPT for free today to see how easy it is. The future is waiting for you.